Giants won’t take consolation in close battle with Dodgers after sweep

Giants won’t take consolation in close battle with Dodgers after sweep Originally appeared in NBC Sports Bay Area

Los Angeles – Shohei OhtaniThe first home run as a Dodger was quickly overshadowed. A few minutes later, Jorge Soler Hitting a 452-foot blast, it would be impressive on any night, but especially jaw-dropping in the cold weather at Dodger Stadium.

But after the game is over, giants Manager Bob Melvin didn’t account for the fluctuations.

Michael Conforto The Rockets followed Soler with a long fly ball to right that died just in front of the track. Once the strike was on target, the visiting dugout thought Conforto had equalized the game.Melvin watched the game the night before Austin SlaterPotential leadoff homer hits 376 feet, but lands Kick Hernandezgloves.

“You don’t get any bonus for being close,” Melvin said, “so we have to dig harder.”

The Giants, who spent a billion dollars on improvements this offseason, were not exhausted in their first game against a team that was already the best in the division. But as Melvin said, you don’t get any credit for keeping it close, and in the end they got swept, lost 5-4 on Wednesday and went home with a 2-5 record.

There were a lot of positive things along the way, but ultimately the Giants couldn’t throw the ball into the gap when they really needed to, and there were too many little mistakes that added up.They fell behind in the third inning, in particular, and it cost Kyle Harrison Run it several times.

Harrison looked good in his second start of the year, relying heavily on his fastball on a night when his slider didn’t take its usual shape.But these dodgers Always one to jump on anything that isn’t elite, they held the young lefty through some long innings while allowing four runs in his first five outings.

“It’s definitely not a good feeling in my opinion and it’s not a good feeling in our team’s opinion. Winning is the most important thing and getting swept is not a good feeling,” Harrison said. “We’re going back to ‘We’re ready and we’re going to be ready for these guys the next time we come out. It gives us more motivation to want to get them.'”

The Giants won’t see the Dodgers again until mid-May, and they should be at full strength by then. Blake SnellThe players who dominated them last year will return to the rotation on Monday. Alex Cobb Play slowly, but by then he’ll be back in the rotation.

However, the Dodgers could also get better.They were missing several key arms, and with their closer unavailable in the ninth inning on Wednesday, they turned to Dinelson Lamet, the former Cy Young candidate has all but dropped out of the game in recent years. Lamet was added to their roster on Monday, but he struck out a double-double to end the sweep.

For now, the Giants will focus on what’s at hand. Jordan Hicks Heading into Friday’s home opener, Snell’s return should be a shock to the team. It’s not a particularly impressive home ground – san diego padres and washington nationals – After another long road trip, players are eager to get back to their beds.

They had hoped to land Wednesday night with a better record. But after learning that the Dodgers might actually be the best team money can buy, they’re three games back and already four games out of first place.

“We’re certainly not at full strength yet, but you come back two games and you’re so close to a good team that’s playing really well right now, it’s really nothing to look forward to more than anything,” Melvin said. All frustrating. “

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