Get away from the screen and play 30 of the best family board games

There are plenty of family board games out there, and here are a few we love too.

Poems about Neanderthals for only $20: Each card has a word on it, and the deceptively simple task is for your team to say the correct word using only monosyllables within a time limit. If you break the rules, your opponent can hit you with an inflatable “no” stick. Suitable for 2 to 8 players aged seven and up, it’s loud, silly and usually makes everyone laugh.

Danger Danger $15: Fast and frenetic, the object of this simple two-team card game is to reveal the high-scoring cards at the end of each round. There are no turns, you can cover your opponent’s cards, turns are timed, but you have to guess when the turn ends. Super simple and quick to play, this game can get confusing.

It quickly rose to $20: This game is fast, easy and fun for up to 8 players. Featuring scenarios such as “I invented a new sport, what is it?” Players must provide suggestions from least dangerous (1) to most dangerous (10) based on the number assigned each round. The leader of the round must try to get them in the correct order. This works best with resourceful players who are familiar with each other.

Kitchen Dash Only $46: A truly unique game that proves that too many cooks can ruin the soup; this game can quickly become chaotic. You work together to cook for customers within strict time limits. It’s a little too complicated for little kids. (I’d say ages 10 and up are best.) If you like this, try the video game overcooked.

$20 sounds suspicious.: Another fun group game from Big Potato, the challenge in Sounds Fishy is to find the fake answer. Each card asks a question, but you get only one correct answer. Suitable for 4 to 10 players, we found it more fun but harder with more people.

Billionaire takes US road trip for just $12: Each of the 49 squares on the game board is a quirky roadside attraction, from Bubblegum Alley to the National Mustard Museum, and players bid on them with the aim of securing four in a row. My kids love this, the adults don’t like much.

Cards Against Humanity: Home Edition, $29: This party game can be played with up to 30 players and will generate quite a few teenage giggles. As with the adult version, there’s not much strategy here, but it’s satisfying to find the perfect combination to make everyone laugh.

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