Get 79% off a lifetime subscription to this useful scanning app

Long story short: lifetime subscription scanner Priced at £32.46, a saving of 79% on the list price.

Owning a scanner is rare these days. Even though we don’t always have a printer and scanner ready, we still need to scan something from time to time.From ID cards to receipts or important documents, next time you desperately need to scan something, you can turn to scanner.

Scanning is a breeze with the iScanner app. This handy tool makes mobile scanning easy. Now you can get a lifetime subscription for just £32.46.

Let iScanner help you check items off your to-do list because you can create PRO files from anywhere… no need to scan a device. This ad-free app turns your device into a smart scanner whenever you need to scan important documents for work or personal reasons. Then, after scanning, iScanner digitizes it and exports it as PDF, JPG, XLS, PPT or TXT as needed.

In addition to making scanning easy, iScanner also offers Artificial Intelligence Powered Tools Ensures that the document’s borders are automatically detected and adjusted, while straightening the page and ensuring there are no curves and skews. It can also recognize text in more than 20 languages. There are also multiple scanning modes to choose from depending on your needs – from documents, passports, options for solving math problems and equations or measuring the length and area of ​​objects.

No more fear of scanning Lifetime subscription to iScanner Only £32.46, no coupon needed.


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