Get 1TB of cloud storage for less than £130

Long story short: lifetime subscription Koofr cloud storage (1TB) Priced at £126.34, a saving of 80% on the list price.

It’s hard to believe that the storage capacity of the first-generation iPhone was only 4GB or 8GB. Now, storage capacities for phones, tablets and laptops start at 128GB, but that’s still not enough. This is why many users turn to cloud storage solutions.

Some platforms like to charge monthly or annual fees, but not Koofr – just pay once for their service 1TB lifetime subscriptionnow limited time only £126.34.

Whether you already have a cloud storage solution or not, Koofr is the top choice. If you don’t have a cloud storage solution yet, you can finally back up your important files and photos. If you have one, Koofr makes integrating with other accounts easy. Connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive and OneDrive and access all your files in one place or move them to Koofr.

Those who have been struggling with the cross-platform free plan can finally have a central space to store all their files and keep them organized with management tools like Koofr’s duplicate file finder and batch rename.

Another reason to like Koofr is universal compatibility. Upload, access and share any type of file with no size limits. You can also access Koofr from all desktop and mobile devices.

Koofr lifetime subscriptions hold up to 1TB and can store up to 310,000 images, 500 hours of HD videos, or 85 million MS Word files. This may be enough for your lifetime storage needs.

life plan 1TB cloud storage from Koofr Price £126.34.

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