Georgia vs Scotland: Euro 2024 Qualifiers – Live

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37 minutes: Christie was booked for sliding into the back seat of Kvalac Helia. He has nothing to complain about.

35 minutes: Scotland But here we go again. McGinn was in a lively mood, dribbling down the right side before whipping the ball into a blender. Kverkvilja was forced towards a corner and from there…yeah, nothing, again. It was an easy night for Mamardashvili with Georgia’s current goal.

34 minutes: … there is nothing.

33 minutes: There was a moment of calm. Kverkvilja then needlessly threaded his way through Christie’s back, conceding a free kick on the left. Scotland Line the edges of the box and…

31 minutes: The referee made quite a few mistakes. Porteous stood at the feet of Kvaratzhelia; again, no free kick, no yellow card. Scotland Simon McMahon began: “The prelude to the 2016 tournament and Scotland’s optimism about Robertson, Forrest and Gauld got me thinking. Those three players now have a combined cap of 11-1 for Scotland. 105 team appearances. Ryan Gauld played 50 games for Dundee United despite playing as a teenager and at the age of 18 made a big-money move to Portugal, where he spent seven season before moving to North America and having a successful career in MLS with the Vancouver Whitecaps, but he failed to contribute to any of them. “Out of sight, out of mind. Annoyed? I mean, Kevin Kyle played ten times.”

30 minutes: Gilmour tried to free Patterson down the right with a long diagonal kick, but only managed to keep it out for a goal kick. Mamardashvili has yet to make a save.

28 minutes: Scotland It should be level. McGinn was kicked out on the right and Gilmour flicked the free-kick over Dykes’ head from six yards. Dykes deflected a weak header to the left. He must at least hit the target. Huge opportunity.

27 minutes: Scotland However, Dykes did not lie down. Dykes almost broke through from the right, but was pulled back by Kasia. No free kicks and no cards, another strange decision.

26 minutes: …But it’s all about Kvala Tskhelia, who now passes Chakvetadze down the inside left channel.Chuck Vitadze fired a shot past Clark and into the top right corner, but the goalkeeper was fully extended to parry and stop it Georgia Lead by two points. Dykes deflected the ball into the corner but nothing came of it. The home team looked dangerous every time they attacked.

25 minutes: Kvala Tskhelia turned Patterson’s blood around on the left wing. He looked to have gotten past his man, but tripped, allowing Patterson to get back into position and take the ball away for a goal kick. As the two crossed the goal line, Kvala Tskhelia slyly kicked Patterson. signature. He was lucky the referee didn’t notice.

23 minutes: McTominay comes in from the right and plays a diagonal pass to Christie, who touches the ball to create some space on the edge of the box… and then delivers a heavier ball for Kverekvillia to intercept and clear. . In an instant, things took a turn for the better.for Scotland There.

21 minutes: McGinn took a little nibble on Chuck Vitadze at midfield, much to the annoyance of Kvaratschlija. Some barroom style shoving and finger-pointing. The referee came over and reminded them that they were adults. We continue to play.

19 minutes: McGinn won Sanguiglia’s corner kick on the right. It was a tough battle and the Georgian needed some therapy. He continued the game well, though, and then when the corner was taken, McGinn swiveled in and fired home. The ball is blocked by Kverkvilya. McGinn claimed handball. , but nothing happens there.

17 minutes: Taylor was nowhere to be seen there. Kakabaze has several acres of open space on its flanks.have some questions to ask Scotland Defensive reply. But from Georgia’s perspective, what a lovely gesture.

Goal! Georgia 1-0 Scotland (Kvaratskhelia 15)

This is a gorgeous goal. Chakvetadze cut in from the left and made a beautiful diagonal pass to Kakabadze on the right. Kakabadze immediately made a low cross, and Kvalackhelia slid into the goal before Porteous. Clark had no chance.

Napoli player Hviča Kvaratzhelja celebrates after breaking the deadlock. Photo: Giorgi Arjevanidze/AFP/Getty Images

14 minutes: Chakvetadze came in from the left wing and fired from distance. Clark’s first meaningful touch of the ball on his full debut was suffocating with confidence.

13 minutes: The game calmed down a bit and now it was Georgia’s turn to pass the ball patiently in their own half.

11 minutes: Replays showed Patterson grabbed Kocholashvili more by the shoulder than the face, but in any case, extending the arm didn’t seem worth the risk. Now he faces Kvalac Helia who received a yellow card. It could be a long night for the Everton right-back.

9 minutes: McTominay drove the ball down the inside right channel and past the defender. He claimed Kawhi knocked him down, but the referee didn’t think so.

8 minutes: Patterson stepped in front of Kocholashvili and extended an arm to maintain his lead in the footrace. He caught Kocholashvili in the mud and entered the book. A mild but meaningless yellow card.

7 minutes: Georgia Without wasting much time, he launched another attack through Kvaratskhelia. This time he slid down the left wing and Portis cut out his low cross well. A lively start.

6 minutes: Gilmour and McGinn combined smoothly on the right, nearly releasing Patterson on the overlap. Shenglia slides in to concede the corner. Gilmour collected the ball and passed it to McTominay, who fired a speculative long-range shot over the crossbar.

4 minutes: Kvaratschlija broke through the middle but lost possession, allowing McGregor to quickly counterattack. He tried to find Christie along the inside left channel, but rolled the ball out and took a goal kick without causing any damage.

2 minutes: The game ball was switched before kick-off. Now the umpires are not happy with the new ball either. Well, third time lucky.

1 minute: Home fans booed several times Scotland Seize the ball and rub its back.

John McGinn, Captain Scotland In Andy Robertson’s absence, pennants were exchanged with his counterpart Ghulam Kahia…and off we went! Scotland takes action.

The team is out! Georgia red, Scotland Second choice is white. The Boris Pachadze National Stadium in Tbilisi was not yet full, but 1,500 Plaid Army members were present and the atmosphere was great. We were off in a few minutes!

No Steve Clarke pre-match exclamations on Viaplay. Instead of such small talk, here’s our man Ewan Murray’s preview of tonight’s game, which will be Clark’s 50th in charge of the national team.

For balance’s sake, here’s how things turned out last time Scotland Shocking in Tbilisi…

…For those craving proper retro MBM action, this is what painfully happened in the same city in 2007. None of this bodes well for the Scots.

Here’s what happened when the two teams met in Glasgow earlier this year. Yes, the weather was terrible. Yes, Scott McTominay scored.

Scotland boss Steve Clark has made four changes to his starting XI for the final qualifier against Spain. Billy Gilmour, Nathan Patterson, Greg Taylor and Xander Clark replaced Andrew Robertson, Aaron Hickey and Angus Gunn, who are all unavailable, while Jack ·Hendley sat on the bench. Clark, making his first start as a goalkeeper for his country, made his debut in the second half of a friendly in France.


Georgia: Mamardashvili, Kakabadze, Kvirkvelia, Kashia, Lochoshvili, Shengelia, Chakvetadze, Kvekveskiri, Kochorashvili, Kvaratskhelia, Mikautadze.
Substitutes: Mekvabishvili, Artunashvili, Azarovi, Glashvili, Gocholeshvili, Gugshashvili,
Davitashvili, Mamuchashvili, Volkovi, Lorya, Karandadze, Tsivchivadze.

Scotland: Clark, Patterson, Porteous, McKenna, Taylor, Gilmour, McGregor, McTominay, McGinn, Dykes, Christie.
Subs: McLean, Cooper, Brown, Doig, Ralston, Ferguson, Hendry, Shankland, McCrory, Armstrong, Jack, Kelly.

referee: Alexander Stavlev (North Macedonia).


Scotland does not need To win this – they have already qualified for Euro 2024 with two games remaining – but they will certainly like arrive. They’re on a three-game losing streak…and what a losing streak it is: the first time in history Scotland Lost three games in a row with a goal difference of at least two. Although considering these games are against three of the best teams in the world – England, Spain and France – they shouldn’t be too worried about this statistical oddity.

What’s more important is securing a place in Pot 2 in the Euro 2024 draw and defeating Georgia Norway will ensure this. Who knows, if Spain unexpectedly loses to Cyprus or Georgia (yeah, okay, but you know), they could even advance as group winners and top seed. Hey, dreams are free and we are allowed to.

The only problem is, Scotland’s athletic record in Georgia is abysmal. In the European qualifiers in 2007 and 2015, they played twice and lost twice. While Scotland has lost its last three games by a combined score of 9-2, Georgia has won its last two games by a combined score of 12-0. Admittedly, these games were against Thailand and Cyprus, but you can only beat the opponents that are put in front of you. Suffice to say Scotland have a job to do here tonight. Games involving Georgia currently average a little over four goals per game, so it could be interesting regardless. Starts at 5pm. here we go!

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