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George W. Bush says ‘blessed to have had them as citizens’ as Warrior Bike Ride honors U.S. veterans in Texas

Former President George W. Bush expressed his gratitude and Support America’s Veterans Just before Veterans Day this weekend, he held the annual Warrior Ride at the Busch family’s ranch in Crawford, Texas.

“Veterans Day is important,” Bush said Friday, Nov. 10, during the ninth annual 43-mile Ride for America’s Heroes.

“I try to symbolize that by hanging out with veterans,” he said. “And mountain biking. with veterans It was really fun and exciting. And they’re all good people. “

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Fox News attended the event and spoke to the president about the ride, his work with veterans and the current state of our country.He also shares his personal beliefs about how to cope with the darkest times of adversity and challenges (See the video at the top of this article).

“These men and women are injured,” he said of the many veterans participating in Friday’s bike ride. “Instead of sitting there feeling sorry for themselves, they decided to use their mountain bikes as a way to recover from the situation.” a way.”

“Veterans Day is important,” former President George W. Bush said during the ninth annual Warriors Bike Ride for America’s Heroes in Crawford, Texas, on Friday, November 10. Show that by hanging out with veterans.” … Mountain biking with veterans is really fun and exciting. They are all good people. “ (Fox News)

The former president added, “So not only does it help them recover physically, it helps them recover mentally. When you’re mountain biking on the trails like we are today, you Can’t help but feel wonderful In a lighter moment, Busch added: “About nature and feeling lucky in my situation to be able to stay upright.”

“For your part, stay upright, too,” he added to reporters.

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Speaking about the current state of the world and acknowledging that things are in darkness given events in the Middle East and the war in Russia and Ukraine, Bush said: “I think the world would be a better place if everybody would just hug each other and stop yelling at each other. good.”

George W. Bush in Crawford, Texas

George W. Bush spoke about the importance of helping and honoring America’s veterans. “At the Busch Center in Dallas, that’s exactly what we do,” he said. “We spend a lot of time and energy helping veterans.” (Fox News)

He continued, “It’s not going to happen — but we can each do our part.”

“I try to do my part,” he said, “to be a welcoming person. I don’t really care about someone’s political views here. I just want them to Enjoy the outdoors And get some exercise — and honor our veterans. “

and “in Busch Center, Dallas, “That’s exactly what we do,” he said. “We spend a lot of time and effort helping veterans.”

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He noted how important it is to help veterans return to civilian life after serving in the military representing our country.

“It’s peer-to-peer consultation,” he said of the Busch Center project, which is important.

Veteran silhouette, flag on background

“If veterans ask for help, someone will help them,” former President George W. Bush said Friday, Nov. 10, referring to the Bush Center’s programs for America’s heroes. (iStock)

“At the Busch Center, we help guide them…to effective plans. Of course, my dream is that every veterinarian living in the dark can figure it out. How to come and live in the light, and figure out how to make the most of their potential,” the former president said.

“If veterans ask for help, someone will help them,” he added, commenting on the importance of people coming forward and asking for help.

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As the Busch Center’s website makes clear, “Veterans, service members, families, caregivers, and survivors who are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives or are in pain can contact the registry and trust that advocates will find a licensed Mental and brain health professionals who can help.”

Bush 43, Crawford, Texas

“My dream is that every veteran who lives in the darkness can figure out how to come to the light and figure out how to use their full potential,” the former president said on Friday, November 10 said an American hero who might become an American hero. Hurt and need help. (Fox News)

“My advice is to stay positive, because if you study world history or American history, we go through cycles of decline,” Bush said of challenges at home and around the world. Five told Fox News.

“However, Americans should realize how lucky we are live in this countryYes, the images are brutal—and yes, there is violence. But in the end, love triumphed over hate. “

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For more information, watch the video at the top of this article.

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