Futures: Fed meeting looms; AI leaders arrive late

Dow Jones futures, S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures were little changed ahead of Tuesday’s two-day Federal Reserve policy meeting. super microcomputer (SMCI) jumped on positive earnings report, while Magnificent Seven Stocks letter (Google) will be reported after the close on Tuesday.


superior Economic calendar for this weekWednesday’s Fed meeting and Fed Chairman Powell’s press conference will be in focus. Wall Street expects Powell to begin charting a path toward gradually easing the balance sheet tightening, and even as he plans a lengthy process, his tone will be key.

Meanwhile, Friday’s January jobs report is expected to show employers added 165,000 jobs.

Shares of Advanced Micro Computer Corp. surged 10% in intraday trading Monday night after the company reported strong profit and sales results. The artificial intelligence leader also reported third-quarter earnings that beat Wall Street expectations.

Today’s Stock Market: Seven Stocks Worth Reporting

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.6% and the S&P 500 rose 0.8%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq rose 1.1%.

Five of the top 7 stocks reporting earnings this week: Alphabet, Amazon (Amazon), apple (AAPL), meta platform (Mehta) and Microsoft (Mehta).

between Seven major stocks, Tesla (Tesla) had the largest increase, up 4.2%. Nvidia (NVDA) exceeds 2.35%.

Finally, Dow Jones tech giants Apple and Microsoft trade mixed in today’s stock marketApple shares fell 0.4%, and Microsoft shares rose 1.4%.

Draft king (East Ken NG), KKR (KKR), Novo Nordisk (NVOCC), snowflake (Snow) and Spotify (point) — plus Dow Jones constituents Amgen (AMGN), Merck (MRK) and Walmart (WMT) – is one of the stocks worth buying and paying attention to during the current market rebound.

KKR and Walmart Featured content of the Stocks Near Buying Zone column.

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Dow Jones Today: Oil Prices, Treasury Bond Yields

Dow Jones futures, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures, were little changed relative to fair value ahead of Tuesday’s open.Keep in mind that overnight moves in Dow Jones futures and other markets do not necessarily translate into actual trading during the next regular stock market session.

On Monday, the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield edged lower to 4.09%. Meanwhile, oil prices fell, with West Texas Intermediate futures falling below $77 a barrel.

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Stock market rebound: What to do now

Now is an important time to read IBD’s Big Picture Columnas the stock market outlook confirms an upward trend.

Following Monday’s bullish gains, be sure to check out The big picture today for updated exposure level.

A great resource for daily breakthroughs is IBD Market Smith “Today’s Breakthrough” List. It shows that MarketSmith Growth 250 stocks are breaking through new buy points.There are 5 breakouts today, including shake cabin (Shaq), breaking through the 76.74 cup-handle entry.

Meanwhile, MarketSmith’s “Near Pivot Points” list shows stocks close to bottom buy points, e.g. (experimental experiment). Expedia stock is approaching a flat bottom entry at 155.84.

To find more stock ideas, check out IBD stock listlike IBD50, Market 20 and Stocks approaching the buy zone. These characteristics identify bullish patterns and buy points and should be checked daily.

Dow Jones: Walmart breaks out

Biotechnology leader Amgen rose 0.5% on Monday, moving further beyond the 5% buy range, surpassing the official buy point of 288.46 points, and the 5% buy range rose to 302.88.

Drugmaker Merck is reportedly pushing past a cup bottom buy point of 119.65 IBD MarketSmith Pattern RecognitionShares rose 0.4% on Monday, closing further above their entry point.

Discount retail giant Walmart has entered a buying position above $163.57 on a three-day winning streak.

4 Growth Stocks to Watch Stock market rebounds

Stocks to buy and watch: DraftKings breaks out

IBD Ranking Watch List Stocks DraftKings rose 3.7% on Monday, decisively breaking through the official double bottom buy point of 38.97.

IBD SwingTrader Stock KKR broke out on Friday, breaking above a flat entry point of 85.66. Shares rose 0.5% on Monday.

Diet pill maker Novo Nordisk closed 0.9% higher on Monday, moving further above a flat buy point of $105.69.

Software leader Snowflake is break out It rose 3.% on Monday, breaking through the 202.83 buying point and forming a flat bottom. IBD Market Smith.

Spotify closed out of buy range on Monday, surpassing the 202.88 buy trigger point, and was essentially flat, up 2%.

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Best picks in action today

Here are four of the most interesting stocks to watch in the stock market today, including the leader of the Dow Jones.

company symbol The right buying point Point of purchase type
Novo Nordisk (NVOCC) 105.69 flat base
Walmart (WMT) 288.46 cup with handle
KKR (KKR) 85.66 flat base
snowflake (Snow) 202.83 flat base
Source: IBD data as of January 29, 2024

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Tesla Stock

Tesla shares fell 13% last week, closing at their lowest level since May 2023. Shares are down about 40% from their 52-week high.

Tesla rebounded 4.2% on Monday but remains well below its 50- and 200-day moving averages.

Dow Jones Index leaders: Apple, Microsoft

among Dow Jones Stocks Among the Big Seven, Apple and Microsoft trade mixed Amid Monday’s stock market moves.

Apple fell 0.4% on Monday, its fourth consecutive session of losses. The stock price continues to remain stable, with a buying point of 199.62.

Microsoft shares rose 1.4% on Monday, hitting a record high and breaking through a buy point of $366.78.

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