Former CIA software engineer sentenced to 40 years in prison for leaking secrets to WikiLeaks

A former CIA software engineer was sentenced to 40 years in prison Thursday for carrying out the largest theft of classified information in the agency’s history and for charges related to child abuse images.

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman was charged with “espionage, computer hacking, contempt of court, making false statements to the FBI and child pornography,” federal prosecutors said in a statement. Sentenced to 40 years in prison. Sentence requested by prosecutors.

Joshua Schulte was convicted in July 2022 of four counts of espionage and computer hacking, and one count of lying to FBI agents after providing classified information to a reporting agency wikileaks In the so-called Vault 7 leak. Last August, the judge essentially upheld the original verdict.

WikiLeaks started in March 2017 Publication materialswhich involves how the CIA monitors foreign governments, so-called extremists and others by disrupting their electronic and computer networks.

Prosecutors described Schulte’s actions as “the largest data breach in CIA history, and his transmission of stolen information to WikiLeaks was one of the largest unauthorized disclosures of classified information in U.S. history.” A representative for Schulte could not immediately be reached for comment.

Prosecutors also said Schulte received thousands of images and videos of child sexual abuse and that they discovered the materials in Schulte’s New York apartment on the third floor during a CIA leak investigation. In an encrypted container under password protection.

U.S. intelligence agencies facing major embarrassment after 2017 wikileaks Unveiled the largest-ever leak of classified CIA documents, detailing the tools the CIA used to hack into cell phones, messaging apps and other electronic devices.

Thousands of leaked documents focus on hacking techniques and reveal how CIA. Working with British intelligence, a method was devised to disrupt smart TVs and turn them into improvised surveillance devices.

this leakageThe project, dubbed “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, has raised questions about the inability of U.S. spy agencies to protect secret documents in the digital age. The plan comes on the heels of revelations by Army intelligence analysts about Afghanistan and Iraq. Chelsea Manning 2010 report on the NSA and UK GCHQ Edward Snowden year 2013.

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