Flight attendants predict whether a passenger is sweet, will “drink beer” or shower with just shoes

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant revealed a unique way she can tell if a passenger is “cute,” has “drank two or three beers,” or if they’ve been washed before a flight by looking at the shoes they’re wearing bath.

Cheryl Killough said in a viral TikTok video in March: “This is an assumption I made about you based on the shoes you wore on the plane, which came from a woman who had worked for 5 years. flight attendant.” The video has been viewed 1 million times.

When a pair of white New Balance sneakers showed up, Kilo matched them with a man who “probably hasn’t been on a plane in eight years, but is going to be the cutest person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Cheryl Killough can tell a passenger’s personality by the shoes they wear. @cherdallas/TikTok

Walking down the line, Kilo compared a pair of slip-ons to a beer-swilling passenger.

“I know exactly who you voted for, and you’ve probably had two or three beers at the airport,” she joked.

Kilo even took aim at the Crocs community, saying people who choose to wear the popular footwear, a type of casual shoe with holes, likely “didn’t shower” before getting in their car.

Kilo paired a pair of white New Balance sneakers with a guy who “probably hasn’t been on a plane in eight years,” but he’s going to be the cutest guy. new Balance

“You didn’t shower before this flight and you probably have a stain on your sweatpants,” she said.

Viewers went crazy over the video, prompting the five-year flight attendant to create a series of videos dedicated to matching the shoes worn by passengers.

In one of the bonus clips, Kilo describes a woman wearing brown fisherman sandals as a mother of six who is “the epitome of hardcore.”

Kilo compared a pair of slip-ons to a beer-guzzling passenger. hello buddy
Kilo described Crocs-wearing passengers who likely “didn’t shower” before boarding the plane. mynewturtle – stock.adobe.com

“She’ll line you up with her six kids and chew you up like every kid. She’s not afraid,” Kylo emphasized.

Some travelers believed what Kilo said was true and felt “uncomfortable” with their future shoe choices.

“I’ve never been uncomfortable with anything, but this somehow made me nervous about flying,” one person commented.

“Damn… my alligator,” one replyer joked awkwardly.

More chaos erupted in the comments section in response to Kilo’s attack on the Crocs community, with some getting defensive.

“No! I wear crocs because it’s easier to get through TSA and they’re great for a lot of walking,” one Crocs-wearer retorted.

“I wear Crocs 95% of the time…I would never fly without freshly showered, completely clean clothes!” said another defensive commenter.

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