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Five-legged lamb gets second chance after Mississippi woman opens home and heart to recovery

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A five-legged sheepSpider Lamb, as he was named, was given a second chance at life after a Mississippi woman adopted him just before the Easter holidays.

“He was definitely a lamb that was loved by everyone who saw him,” Natalie Renault told Fox News Digital.

Renault, who is passionate about rehabilitating animals in need, said Spider Lamb was in terrible condition. she saved him earlier this week.

“My vet didn’t think he was going to make it through this,” Renault said. “He was covered in maggots and had a bad infection and a high fever, but he made it!!”

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Spider Lamb was born with five legs and was recently rescued by Natalie Renault. (Natalie Renault via Facebook)

Natalie Renault

Natalie Renault saved Spidey on Monday. (Natalie Renault via Facebook)

Renault said the cute sheep will Undergo hernia surgery in April.

“Unfortunately, the hernia had to be corrected because his intestines were inside the testicles and that’s why it happened,” Reynault explained. “It’s not a huge illness that he can live with for a while.”

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“We scheduled his surgery for the end of April to allow for complete healing so he could stay healthy during the hernia surgery,” she said.

spider lamb

Spider Sheep is enjoying life on Natalie Renot’s 40-acre farm in Mississippi. (Natalie Renault via Facebook)

Natalie and the lamb

Natalie and Spidey go to the vet. Spidey will undergo hernia surgery in April. (Natalie Renaud via Facebook)

The little lamb now spends his days on Renault’s 40 acres of farmland (Biloxi)learn how to navigate life on five legs.

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“His fifth leg will stay,” Renault said. “It won’t hinder him at all.”

Natalie and the lamb

Natalie Renault said she started giving animals like spider lambs a second chance seven years ago. (Natalie Renault via Facebook)

Renault said she started rehabilitating animals like Spider Lamb seven years ago.

“First it starts with cats, and then with farm animals,” Renault said.

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She said helping animals is one of the “most rewarding” things to do.

“It’s stressful, it’s frustrating, it’s losing a lot of sleep, but it’s also the most valuable thing you can do to give up your time to give the animal a chance to survive,” Renault said.

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