Feyenoord vs Roma, Shakhtar vs Marseille, Milan vs Rennes and more: Europa League Clock – Live

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10 minutes: Dybala is so close, Roma is almost 1-0!Pellegrini receives the pass and separates the ball feyenoord The defense fell into half-time, Waylenreuther was beaten and Dybala followed up with a shot just over.

So who hopes to score the first goal of this round? There have been no goals scored in all four games so far. There’s no shortage of intent, especially from the visiting teams so far.

There is a group of healthy people Watch the clash between the two at the Volkspark stadium in Hamburg Shakhtar Donetsk and Marseille, the Ukrainian team was the better team in the opening seven minutes or so.

5 minutes: pleasant things come from RomeLukaku played a nice back-heel into the path of Beauvais but ended up not quite making the run towards the 21-year-old midfielder. Mind you, the visitors looked sharp.

2 minutes: Uh, there was some equipment conflict going on in there. feyenoord Against Roma. Red, white, black game… black and white with red numbers. How could something like this still happen in modern football?

Roma’s bench includes the likes of Chris Smalling, Houssem Aouar, Stephan El Shaarawi and Renato Sanchez. Both teams in Rotterdam had a purposeful start.

kick off

OK, we’re ready to rock out with these four games at 5.45pm (GMT). lets go!

If you had been living in a cave None of them have heard of Kylian Mbappe…

I’m not really a gamblerbut here are my picks/predictions, I believe these eight teams will join Liverpool, Brighton, West Ham, Rangers, Bayer Leverkusen, Atalanta, Slavia Prague and Villarreal your ranks european league The last 16 correct ones:

  • feyenoord

  • Galatasaray

  • Marseille

  • sports

  • AC Milan

  • benfica

  • Freiburg

  • Braga

Feel free to pin the post/come back to me when all eight of my predictions are wrong…

Might not be popular… This ball is top notch and scorching hot.

On Bayern and exciting things happening in Europe this weekjoin Shanti on Thursday night for the latest coverage of Football Daily.

There is at least one surprising result In the four Champions League last 16 first leg games earlier this week, thanks to Bayern Munich gave Tottenham’s best impression yet Lost to Lazio. Poor old Hazza Kane.

What surprise will this bring? european league Galatasaray and Sporting Lisbon must be considered the favorites to advance; followed by heavyweight teams AC Milan and Benfica who are also expected to advance. There isn’t much of a gap between the other teams, though.

More team news: North London rejected Davinson Sanchez and Lucas Torreira to start for Galatasaray – who are led by European veterans Mauro Icardi and Dries Mertens – -right Sparta Prague.

There’s another one inside Marseille Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang started for the French side in the lineup against Shakhtar Donetsk. Olimpia also has former Tottenham backup goalkeeper Paul Lopez in goal.

Sporting Lisbon is an exciting group of young talent. Keep an eye out for Gonzalo Inacio (22), Daniel Braganza (24) and, of course, Marcus Edwards (still only 25), who joins hot-shot forward Victor Jack Reis is the same age.

Team news

here has feyenoord Roma team news photos from Elon. From where I’m sitting, this Italian team looks pretty strong.


European football really returns in February, these days european league It does feel like a big deal even though we are actually already in the knockout stages of the last 32 stage with four first leg games tonight Starts at 5.45pm (UK time).

No British team advanced in this round. Liverpool, Brighton, West Ham United and Rangers all ranked first in the group and directly advanced to the top 16. Feyenoord v Roma – A rematch of last year’s Europa League quarter-finals and the 2022 UEFA Europa League final – a selection of this evening’s matches. Shakhtar Donetsk v Marseille Happened to the burger and looked delicious while Galatasaray v Sparta Prague and young boys v athletics Also a pretty high quality tie.

The knockout stages of the UEFA Europa League will feature four more games at 5.45pm, including teams such as Olympique and Eintracht Frankfurt. So stay tuned and soak up as much of the European football atmosphere as you can.

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