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FBI says Alex Murdaugh lied about where money he stole from clients went and who helped him steal

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Convicted killer Alex Murdough Federal prosecutors said in court documents Tuesday that when FBI agents asked him multiple times where the more than $6 million he stole ended up and whether another unidentified lawyer helped him steal from clients and law firms At that time, he did not tell the truth.

Prosecutors want judges to overturn their convictions plea agreement Murdaugh was sentenced Monday in Charleston, South Carolina, which carries a maximum sentence of more than 100 years in prison.

Murdaugh, 55, has served life without parole He was sent to state prison after a jury found him guilty of murder in the shooting deaths of his wife and young son. He was convicted in state court of stealing money from clients and law firms and was sentenced to prison. Sentenced to 27 years in prisonSouth Carolina prosecutors said it was an insurance policy that would keep him in jail in the event his murder conviction was overturned.

The federal case was supposed to be safer, regardless of the sentence Murdough received to run concurrently with his state sentence, but that deal was called into question after the FBI said the disbarred attorney failed a polygraph test.

The test was conducted in October after the FBI interviewed Murdaugh three times after investigators concluded he was not telling the full truth about where at least $6 million was stolen. end Federal prosecutors have cited the role of an undisclosed attorney in his crimes.

In court documents, prosecutors asked the public to withhold reports on polygraph tests and summaries of four interviews Murdaugh gave to the FBI, saying the information could be used to tamper with evidence, influence or witnesses as the grand jury continues its investigation. .

Murdaugh’s complaint did not return a message Tuesday. They have not yet responded in court, although a footnote in prosecutors’ documents said they objected to keeping the polygraph report secret.

Federal prosecutors say Murdaugh did appear to be telling the truth about banker’s role Russell Lafitte And lawyers and old college friends Corey Fleming Help him steal.

Lafitte was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison, while Fleming has been in prison for nearly four years after pleading guilty.

Murdaugh was convicted on 22 counts in federal court, each of which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Some carry penalties of up to 30 years in prison. Prosecutors said they would seek the harshest sentence since the plea agreement was violated and that Murdaugh serve time. The federal sentence at the end of any state sentence.

They say federal law has long prevented Murdaugh from withdrawing his guilty plea because he violated the terms of the agreement.

State prosecutors estimate Murdaugh stole more than $12 million from clients by diverting settlement funds into his own accounts or stealing from his family law firm. Federal investigators estimate that at least $6 million of that money remains unaccounted for, although Murdaugh said he spent a lot of money on legal matters. Illegal after taking opioids.

Investigators said that as Murdough’s plans were about to be exposed in June 2021, he decided to kill his wife and sonPaul Murdaugh was shot several times with a shotgun outside his home in Colleton County, and Maggie Murdaugh was shot several times with a rifle.

Murdo vehemently denied killing them, even testify in one’s own defense against the advice of his attorney.

as he screamed guilty In federal court on September 21, he admitted the crime for the first time and promised to abide by the requirements of the agreement, including “being completely honest and candid and providing full and complete information to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.” and factual information about any criminal activity of which he/she has knowledge. “

“I want to take responsibility. I want my son to see me take responsibility. I hope that by taking responsibility, the people I hurt can begin to heal,” said Murdaugh, wearing an orange South Carolina prison jumpsuit.

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