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FBI agents question woman about anti-Israel Facebook posts in viral video

FBI agent She allegedly told an Oklahoma woman that the agency asked people about their social media posts “every day, all day” when they came to her home to ask about her online posts. .

Rolla Abdeljawad, of Stillwater, claimed that FBI agents who showed up at her home on Wednesday told her that Facebook had turned over screenshots of her posts. Abduljawad told agents she didn’t want to talk and asked them to show their badges on camera. But agents refused, according to a video posted by her lawyer, Hassan Shibilly, on the social media platform X.the woman wrote on Facebook, later reporting to local police The man who showed up at her house was actually an FBI agent.

“Facebook gave us several screenshots of your account,” an agent in a gray shirt says in the video.

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FBI agents told an Oklahoma woman that the agency is asking people “every day, all day” about their social media posts. (Getty Images)

Abdul Jawad replied: “So we no longer live in a free country and we can’t say what we want?”

“No, we totally do,” said another agent in a red shirt. “That’s why we’re not here to arrest you or anything. We do this every day, all day long. It’s just to make sure that every The safety of individuals and keeping them safe.” Of course no one had any ill intentions. “

The woman then said: “All I was doing was exercising my rights as an American citizen on a public social media platform to express my personal views.”

It’s unclear which posts came to the FBI’s attention, but Abdul Jawad made a series of posts over the past week expressing concern about the ongoing war in Gaza between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists disappointment, including referring to Israel as “Israel.”

She said in a post: “Dirty deeds by Israeli terrorists. They see Ramadan not as weakness for Muslims but realize Ramadan is strength. #FreePalestine May Allah destroy every despicable Zionist , their supporters and supporters. Amin.”

Abduljawad’s Facebook timeline is also public, meaning FBI agents can access her posts themselves without having to request screenshots from Facebook.

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Male FBI agent pictured wearing FBI jacket

Rolla Abdeljawad was told by FBI agents who showed up at Rolla Abdeljawad’s home that Facebook had turned over screenshots of her posts . (iStock)

One of her posts even warned the Muslim community and pro-Palestinians to be wary of U.S. government surveillance of their activities.

“Don’t be fooled by their game. Our community is being watched and they are just waiting for any reason to round us up,” Abdul Jawad wrote on March 24. “If you are Muslim and/or Friends and family, please consider that all of your media accounts, Google searches, emails, messengers, local mosques, and political events are being monitored. #NYC #usa #PoliceState #FreePalestine.”

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the FBI denied violating Abdul Jawad’s rights.

“The FBI engages with the public every day to advance our mission to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” the statement read. “We can never conduct an investigation based solely on Article 1 principles.” Protected by the Amendment Activity. The FBI is committed to ensuring that our activities are conducted for valid law enforcement or national security purposes and to uphold the constitutional rights of all Americans. “

Meta official policy, Facebook’s parent companywhich refers to providing Facebook data to law enforcement following a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or emergency situation involving “imminent harm to a child or risk of death or serious bodily injury to any person.”

According to the Meta website, the social media giant received nearly 74,000 requests from law enforcement in the first half of 2023 and handed over data in 88% of cases.

Abdel-Jawad said in a post Thursday that her attorneys did not believe Facebook sent screenshots of her posts to the FBI.

Facebook login screen on iPhone

Abduljawad’s Facebook timeline is public, meaning FBI agents can access her posts themselves without the platform turning over screenshots. ((Photo: Jaap Arrians/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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“Instead it looked like a fishing expedition,” she wrote. “I was not afraid of them. I told the police my only fear was that someone in my state would do something or that they would take advantage of me. The post is a malicious attempt to ‘smear’ me. Please remember that I am a Muslim and the obligated protector of creation. I encourage good deeds and forbid evil deeds.”

Shively said in the caption of the social media video that Abdul Jawad made the right decision by refusing to speak without a lawyer, not allowing them to enter her house and record the interaction. But, he said, she shouldn’t have walked out of her home to talk to an agent.

“You have the right not to talk to the FBI without an attorney,” he said.

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