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Family witnesses alligator chewing prey on Texas beach: ‘No one cares’

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A beachgoer recently captured the moment a crocodile bites a fish on the beach. Texas Beach.

Hunter Ham told TMX he spotted the alligator in Sea Rim State Park near Sabine Pass, not far from the U.S. border. Louisiana He was driving by the beach with his wife and three children on March 23 when he noticed the reptile.

“As we were driving out, about 150 yards from where we were playing on the beach, we saw it,” Hamm recalled. “You could tell it was ‘his beach,’ and he was cold and helpless. concern.”

The video shows the crocodile standing on the beach eating a male redfish. Hamm said he could tell the fish’s species by its length, eyes and mouth.

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Hunter Ham shot this video at Sea Rim State Park near Sabine Pass, Texas. (Fantastic Beasts+/TMX)

“That’s a savage,” he can be heard saying in the video.

While alligators are primarily freshwater reptiles, Hamm said the animal likely traveled from a nearby freshwater source “to finish its meal and bask in the sun.”

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“[Texas Parks and Wildlife] “This indifferent guy doesn’t worry about us. What a beautiful creature it is from a distance. What a treat!”

Close-up of crocodile on the beach

Hamm was able to identify the fish the crocodile was eating from its eyes and mouth. (Fantastic Beasts+/TMX)

“There have always been crocodiles in this area and around the beach, and today it’s rare that we see one in the film. He was just basking in the sun, probably washing off parasites. Given the space, it looked like Like a cold crocodile.”

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The fishing enthusiast added that the beach held special meaning for him as he had been there many times before.

Rim State Park sign

Rim State Park, where the alligator was found, is located near the Texas-Louisiana border. (Google Maps)

“Our beaches are brown and the waves are usually flat, but we are lucky Living here,” Hamm admits. “I learned the secret art of surfing without waves here. “

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Fox News Digital reached out to Hamm for additional comment.

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