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Fact check: The story goes that a father discovered a chain buried in the ground after landscaping his yard and immediately regretted it.The fact is this


There is a father named Liam Ward Following the buried chain, a hidden treasure trove was discovered in his backyard.


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Rating: False


Although the story is nothing more than fiction, Snopes was able to find the source of the chain photo, including details of what was found after it was pulled from the ground.

In late 2023 and early 2024, Facebook users promoted a story with the headline “Dad found chain buried behind landscaping yard and immediately regretted it.” The posts all showed an interesting photo of a man holding holding a green shovel, seemingly trying to figure out why a chain was buried underground.

Snopes searches for answers about the origins of the story and photo.

“Dad found the chain buried in the ground”

On March 31, 2024, the Abandoned Things Facebook page shared postal The title is about a father who discovers a chain buried in the ground and immediately regrets it.The same photo and caption were also shared on Dozens of other Facebook posts.[0]=AZWS_qeuk0FgpRrV_EI2iQgtyWoT_5Njng0FSgb7rpEeuLQf4te-ghnaGXXTHdI2funabSagdjhvvKHPnOBozbaIkcDr-P_YLUaQN_Bip3LBvCa_m_fsY25roxidididi OKiFiidiSciidSdSdSSSulSSdSSSSSSsdSdSd SdSdSdSSSSAnimals animal molecule animal animal molecule animal animal animal animal animal animal animal animal animal G animal animal animal animal animal animal animal G animal animal animal animal animal complete animal 2CO%2CP-R

A comment under the post provided a link to the website, which contained the following article:

Dad discovers buried chain after landscaping and instantly regrets it

Liam Ward discovered a hidden treasure trove beneath his seemingly ordinary backyard. What began as the discovery of a mysterious buried chain has turned into a major archaeological discovery, revealing a network of underground tunnels and hidden rooms dating back to the Prohibition era.

Liam Ward, a homeowner known for his curiosity, discovered the chain one Saturday morning and, driven by intrigue, decided to zip it. Little does he know that this act will set off a chain of events that will ultimately reveal a hidden world. under his property.

As the chain refused to be removed, Ward delved into the history of the area. His research revealed stories of abandoned mines, rumors of buried pirate treasure, and tunnels used during the prohibition of alcohol smuggling. His investigation leads him to a 1920s newspaper article detailing notorious gangster Vincent “The Snake” Moretti, who was said to have stashed away a large amount of jewelry and money before disappearing.

Intrigued by the possibility of unearthing a piece of history, Ward enlisted the help of local historians and treasure hunters. Together, they formed a team equipped with metal detectors and historical knowledge that gathered at Ward’s property. The metal detector soon gave off a hidden signal. object.

The excavation uncovered a collection of wooden crates marked with Moretti’s signature, containing Prohibition-era alcohol that had not been touched in decades. The team continues to explore and discover hidden rooms containing valuable antiques and documents that reveal the town’s secret history.

Recognizing the historical significance of the discovery, the town decided to preserve the tunnels and chambers as a museum. Ward and his family appreciated the town’s history and moved to a nearby house offered by the mayor to promote preservation efforts.

Ward’s discovery in the backyard has become a symbol of the town’s resilience and the enduring charm of its past. The museum attracted visitors from across the country, made Ward a local hero and inspired him to pursue a career in archeology. His current passion for history benefits enthusiasts and scholars alike.

A mysterious chain originally buried in a backyard has been transformed [Town Name]Liam Ward’s serendipitous discovery not only enriches the town’s historical narrative but also opens a window into a bygone era, sparking the imagination of residents and visitors alike. The archaeological treasure trove beneath the Ward property is a testament to enduring history. The power of history is engaging and inspiring.

However, this story is nothing more than fiction. A Google search turned up no record of a man named Liam Ward following a buried chain to a hidden treasure trove in his backyard. Furthermore, the story makes no mention of the town where these events took place. In fact, the last paragraph includes “[Town Name]History. “Apparently someone forgot to fill in the brackets before publishing the article.

This story tells about a man called Overeating – A sentimental or heartbreaking story that undermines its inspiring message by distorting or ignoring the facts.

The origin of the photo

The photo of a man emerging from the ground with a green shovel and chain was originally taken in 2019 in Alabama. This is a still from a video shot by YouTube’s Discover Alabama channel.

According to one of the videos, bulldozers were used to pull the 13-foot (4-meter) chain out of the ground. Officers found the chain attached to an old 6-foot (1.8-meter) piece of railway. They also found old bottles from decades ago, including two bottles of Lucky Tiger hair growth elixir.

The same moment that appears in the above post and article, the chain is on the ground and can be seen at the 2:16 mark. this video:

The chain was pulled up at 4:36 another video:

In other words, the video from Alabama may involve a father, but the real story of the chain has nothing to do with landscaping someone’s backyard or discovering a hidden treasure trove, nor is anyone expressing any regrets, as the false story claims.


“Explore Alabama.” Youtube

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