Everything we know about Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire

If movies have taught us anything, it’s that you can’t neutralize a good monster — and with the upcoming Godzilla X hole: New Empire, this lesson continues to prove true.

as the latest installed Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures’ MonsterVerse — a cinematic universe that has so far encompassed five movies, two TV series, and a plethora of CGI monsters — this new project looks set to further their developing cinematic lore with more teeth, claws, and massive beast battles .

What else do we know about the 2021 Godzilla vs. Kong sequel? let’s see.

When will Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire be released?

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The latest “Monsterverse” movie is the sequel to “Godzilla vs. Kong.” (Warner Bros)

Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire will be released in a theater near you on Friday, March 29, one month ahead of its previous release date of Friday, April 12.

What’s the review?

Godzilla x King Kong: A New Empire.  (Warner Bros)Godzilla x King Kong: A New Empire.  (Warner Bros)

Godzilla x King Kong: A New Empire. (Warner Bros)

After a few early previews, the first reviews for Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire have begun circulating online.

Digital Spy seemed to like it, calling it the most interesting installment in the MonsterVerse yet and a “consistently entertaining, massive blockbuster.”

Others were less enamored, with The Telegraph calling it “extremely boring” and Deadline saying it “seemed particularly Hollywood” in the wake of the Oscar-winning Godzilla Minus One.

Read more reviews below:

Digital spy: Godzilla x King Kong is the funniest monster universe movie yet (4 min read)

The Telegraph: This is a battle between monsters──that’s all (3 min read)

deadline: The Titans of the MonsterVerse team up to fight evil, but it’s still just the same stampede fest (5 min read)

Individual wires: Titans team up for silly sequels, which are always silly but rarely funny (10 min read)

Is there a trailer for Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire?

The latest trailer for Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire was released in February and brought a slew of surprises, including the arrival of a robotic arm and baby Kong.

Watch below:

Warner Bros. released the official trailer of “Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire” in December 2023. Watch above.

The trailer shows Kong meeting another creature, seemingly a Titan, as well as the threat of a powerful enemy.

There’s also been a tease of a team-up between Godzilla and Kong to fight a common enemy, though whether that’s the fearsome mysterious Titan or something else is unclear.

Prior to this, a small trailer was released online, confirming the film’s title while conveying some ominous vibes.

Even though it only lasts half a minute, we already have a sense that something big is coming, knocking Godzilla and Kong from their perches. Will it be a new Titan? It certainly seems so.

What is the plot of “Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire”?

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Adam Wingard returns to direct Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire. (Warner Bros)

After directing 2021’s “Godzilla vs. Kong,” Adam Wingard returns as director of “Godzilla vs. Kong: A New Empire,” a monster mashup that debuts during the pandemic. It was a hit after its release in home theaters.

This time, our two titular Titans (the Monsterverse’s label for giant melee-loving creatures) will face their biggest challenge yet: a new giant creature lurking within Earth that looks ready to break free and threaten Their world and our world.

According to the film’s official synopsis: “This latest installment continues the explosive showdown between Godzilla and Kong in an all-new cinematic adventure that pits the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a massive, undiscovered, hidden threat to our world. Challenging their way of existence.” existence—and our own existence.

“This epic new film will further delve into the history of these titans, their origins and the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond, while uncovering the mythical creatures that helped shape these extraordinary creatures and forever bind them to humanity. battle.”

Who is the cast of “Godzilla × Kong: New Empire”?

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Dan Stevens, Rebecca Hall and Kelly Hottle star in the blockbuster. (Warner Bros)

Characters from Wingard’s first film will return in the sequel, including conspiracy theorist Bernie Hayes, played by Brian Tyree Henry, and Titan expert Erin Tyree, played by Brian Tyree Henry theorist Bernie Hayes and Titan expert Dr. Erin Andrews, played by Brian Tyree Henry. Rebecca Hall.

Former ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Guest’ stars will join them on new adventure Dan Stevens Playing an as yet undisclosed role. Will he be a hero or be up to no good? Only time will tell.

Elsewhere, we can expect appearances from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Fala Chen, Hunt for the Savages’ Rachel House and Chernobyl actor Alex Fiennes, but So far, their roles have not been revealed.

Newcomer Kelly Hottle will also play the role of Jia.

Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire will be released in cinemas on Friday, March 29

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