ESPN veteran anchor John Anderson says he’s retiring from ‘SportsCenter’: ‘The way things work has changed’

John Anderson has been a mainstay on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” since 1999. (AP Photo/Anthony Upton)

John Anderson’s two-and-a-half-year reign as SportsCenter is coming to an end.

ESPN schedule announced Through his “Inside Wisconsin” show He will retire from the network’s flagship show when his contract expires in June, although he said he will continue to work on various projects at the network:

“My contract at ESPN is up at the end of June and I’ve decided that’s the end. I’m leaving the company. I’m retiring from SportsCenter. I’m going to start doing some track and field stuff. I’m going to continue to compete in sports that I love. The Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon. There’s also some NCAA track meets and some SEC stuff. I’m really excited about it. It’s been a good run.

Anderson cited changes in SportsCenter’s operations as a reason for his decision to move forward:

“The surgery has changed, I don’t know that it’s over, but it’s taken a toll and I still want to be able to give the best show I can. I don’t know that in 26 or 27 years I’ll have to go through this again. endurance.”

ESPN hired Anderson in June 1999 from KPHO-TV in Phoenix, Arizona, and has had him in a very important role ever since.

Today, he primarily anchors the 11 pm Eastern time show, but also provides coverage for various track and field events, most notably the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon. He also served as host of the ABC competition show Wipeout from 2008 to 2014.

Anderson, who fits the “SportsCenter” anchor’s lively, knowledgeable conversational style, is the third longtime host to exit in the past year.Neil Everett Announced its withdrawal in June last yearwhile Sage Steele She left the network in August after settling a lawsuit with ESPN.

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