Elon Musk lifts the veil again, revealing the mechanics of the liberal censorship system

The left is determined to bring down Elon Musk for his support of free speech, but he’s fighting back and exposing the shady tactics of his enemies.

Good for him, and good for Americans.

on Monday, Submitted by X owner He threatened to file a “thermonuclear” lawsuit against the left-leaning advocacy group Media Matters.

His lawsuit accuses the group of “maliciously” and misleadingly describing ads for big companies that appear next to pro-Nazi and white supremacist posts on the platform “as if they were typical of user X’s experience on the platform.”

Media Matters stands by its “reporting,” but if the lawsuit’s allegations are true (and they do appear to be legitimate), then this group has sunk to a new low: intentionally Companies are misled into thinking that the platform is so full of ugly content that their ads are guaranteed to appear near such posts.

According to the lawsuit, Media Matters created reports by deliberately bypassing “Extreme fringe content”.

It then “resorts to endless scrolling and refreshing” until it gets the result it wants: “Controversial content next to X’s largest advertisers,” which it screenshots and uses in “Reports” on X.

The group doesn’t disclose the shady behind-the-scenes bookmaking, but Musk and X have the tools to expose it — tools the public lacks.

In fact, the average person often has no idea why they are being “canceled” or thrown into social media jail, let alone how activist groups distort the content that appears on social media.

However, Musk has been lifting the veil on the platform’s unfair tactics; He posted a Twitter document.

This allows Americans to see how Government officials are colluding Working with left-leaning social media to censor unpopular speech — like before Musk took office, Twitter and Facebook suppressed The Washington Post’s exclusive report on Hunter Biden’s laptop to protect ahead of the 2020 election Joe Biden.

The left has also been smearing Musk with flimsy accusations of anti-Semitism, most recently for retweeting the (crude) view that many liberal Jews support the Woke, now exacerbating Americans’ divisions over Israel.

Whether or not Musk succeeds in his lawsuit, he has proven to be of immense value in the fight for freedom and democracy.

Americans should thank him.

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