Elijah Wood and Mike Tyson cameo videos used in Russian disinformation campaign

An Antibot4Navalny member who was not involved in Microsoft’s research said it seemed like a celebrity had been targeted every week for nearly two months. One of the biggest “primetime political talk shows” mentioned Priscilla Presley’s film Russia, researchers say. “Best coverage, measured by number of major media organizations mentioned [them]received by John McKinley,” researchers said. This includes news services RT,Right now Sanctioned in Europe.They added that Russian fact-checking website Provereno have exposed Some of video.

These cameos are not the first time pro-Russian actors have tried to use celebrities to get their message across. This week, Wired reveals how notorious Russian disinformation campaign ‘Doppelganger’ was conductedGroups linked to Russian military intelligence have been using photos of celebrities including Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Oprah, Justin Bieber and Cristiano Ronaldo to promote anti-Ukrainian messages on social media. These efforts reached more than 7.6 million people on social media. Facebook released the ad in November, according to an analysis of ads on Facebook’s platform.

Antibot4Navalny researchers say people trust well-known public figures, even if they are not experts in a subject area. “This is exactly what Russian domestic media has exploited, and doppelgänger operators targeting other countries have exploited this in similar ways,” the researchers said. “If there are no experts saying what you need, just use a video clip (or photo) that looks familiar and add subtitles, voiceover, or written ‘quotes,’ and whatever talking points you think are going to be. Looking to expand.”

“Where the Russians have been particularly successful is when they are responsive and closely connected to current events and news stories,” Microsoft’s Watts said. In recent weeks, researchers, including Microsoft employees, have linked some of the disinformation about Russia . Israel-Hamas War Russian actors tried to capitalize on the moment. Over the past two months, videos of fake BBC and Bellingcat news reports have been posted on Russian Telegram channels.Researchers say the videos include False claims by Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins and use Similar style to BBCThe videos falsely pushed messages claiming Ukraine was selling weapons to Hamas.

Recent research highlights that as Russia enters its second winter of all-out war, much of the Russian narrative is focused on denigrating Ukraine and its leadership. However, next year, dozens of countries, including the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom, will hold elections. When that happens, Russian influence operations may also change direction. Microsoft’s Watts said he expects that by March, one of the biggest concerns will be whether Russian malicious actors, including hacker groups, will conduct “hacks” against more European and North American targets. and conduct leak operations to advance the narrative around whatever political war they want to wage. “

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