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Oliver Dowden tells MPs Chinese “state-affiliated” group is behind cyberattacks on Electoral Commission and MPs

Oliver DowdenThe Deputy Prime Minister is making a House of Commons statement. He said it was about malicious cyber activity targeting the UK by Chinese government-affiliated agencies.

He said Chinese government affiliates were involved in two cyber attacks against the UK: election committeeand attacks on MPs.

He said international partners, including the United States, will issue statements today regarding similar Chinese cyber attacks they have suffered.


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  • Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride has been criticized by campaigners for her noncommittal response in the House of Commons to a report that the government should pay compensation to Wasp women. (look 5.26pm.) President Women fight against state pension inequality (Waspi) Angela Madden responded to his remarks with the following statement:

The secretary of state now says the matter is so complex that it will take him months, if not years, to sort it out.He wrote much of the 100-page report as if it were for him to digest War and Peace.

The fact that it took five years for the ombudsman to conclude that it was a rather perverse reason for further delay is now justified.

The report was far from sophisticated, saying women born in the 1950s should be compensated and parliament should intervene to get the scheme implemented.

111 affected women die every day while waiting for justice. The House of Commons must debate and vote on reparations as soon as possible after Easter.

Oliver Dowden speaks in the House of Commons today Photography: Oliver Dowden/Parliament/Andy Bailey

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Murdo FraserA Tory MP has threatened legal action against Police Scotland after a tweet he posted comparing choosing to be non-binary to “choosing to identify as a cat” was recorded as a hate incident, BBC reports.

Home Office accepts Angiolini report’s recommendations to treat indecent exposure more seriously

this home work announced It is following recommendations from Dame Elish Angiolini’s report last month into the events leading up to the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by police. They include a call for a public campaign “to raise awareness that indecent exposure and unsolicited messages are a crime”.

this conservative They had to remove an online video attacking Labour’s criminal record in London after it was pointed out to them that the video they were using was from New York. Kevin Schofield From HuffPost UK.

NEW: The Conservatives have been forced to remove a video of a Labor attack on crime in London after it showed scenes of chaos at New York’s Penn Station.

— Kevin Schofield (@KevinASchofield) March 25, 2024

Stride tells MPs DWP will give ‘full and proper’ consideration to report that wasp women should receive compensation

in the House of Commons Mel StriderThe Work and Pensions Secretary issued a statement on a report released by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) on Thursday saying the government should pay compensation to women who suffered because the government failed to adequately communicate that the decision was taken in the 1990s. , aimed at raising the age at which they start receiving state pensions.These are so-called WASP women, named after the movement called WASP female Fight against state pension inequality.

PHSO says its compensation plan Could cost up to £10.5bn (Campaigners claim this is not enough and a more generous compensation scheme is needed) The government just said on Thursday it would consider the recommendations but stopped short of committing to any form of compensation.

That was all Stride said in his statement. He said PHSO had not criticized the decision to raise the state pension age for women and he said the women involved had not suffered “direct” financial loss as a result of PHSO’s decision. But he said the DWP did find that the DWP had not announced the upcoming changes as it should have.

He said the government would give “full and due consideration” to the report’s findings.

Keir Starmer and Vaughan GeisingWales’ new First Minister gave a brief interview to WalesOnline during a visit to Holyhead today. writtenMuch of it was a somewhat evasive answer from the two leaders about the prospect of reviving plans to build the M4 relief road in south Wales.

When Mark Drakeford was First Minister, he ruled out the idea on environmental grounds.

In the weekend Ken SkateThe new transportation minister in the Geshin cabinet hinted in an interview that May need to reconsider There are plans for some roads that have been blocked. He was quite clear that the M4 rescue road scheme would not be revived (“I just can’t see that happening – the cost would be astronomical”).but David TC DavisSpeaking to Skates, Chancellor Wells responded that if money was the only issue, Westminster might be willing to help – thus suggesting it might be an election issue.

Starmer and Gethin Both men stressed to WalesOnline that they wanted more infrastructure investment in Wales but stopped short of saying the M4 relief road would be on their list. “David TC Davies might say he wants to sit down and talk to us, but that’s not the case with our relationship with the British government,” Gething said.

Carol Monaghan (SNP) Asked about the threat posed by electric cars produced in France China to the UK.

Dowden Says cars must meet British safety standards. He said the government could block investment on security grounds.

Return to the House of Commons Vicki Ford (Con) said she was very concerned about the personal safety of members of Congress. She said the security personnel she had been advised to have at the precinct did not show up last Friday. The surgery was the second this year, she said.

Dowden Said the government takes threats against MPs very seriously. He said he would solve his problem.

Keir Starmer (right) and new Wales First Minister Vaughan Gething visited Holyhead in North Wales earlier today. Photography: Peter Byrne/PA

Chris Rowe (Scottish National Party) Asked why the government was “too late” to respond to threats from other countries? China.

Dowden Don’t accept this. He said he has been warning about threats from China.

Dowden dismisses Labor question about Cameron’s links to China, calling it ‘desperate matter’

Stephen Kinnock (Lab) Ask David Cameron about visit sri lanka Support China’s investment plans. He said the Department of Foreign Affairs had not responded to a freedom of information request on the matter. Will Dowden ensure this is done?

Dowden said it was “pretty desperate stuff”. He went on to say:

Attempts to link Chinese cyber attacks to our current foreign secretary are untenable.


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Here’s our story about Dowden’s announcement Pippa Crerar and Eleni Curea.

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