Don’t like your DALL-E image? OpenAI now lets you edit them.

If your AI-generated images need tweaking here and there, you can now edit DALL-E images.

this week, Open artificial intelligence Released an editor interface tool that allows users to edit by describing changes in a text tooltip.

As explained in DALL-E Help section The tool’s instructions were updated this week, and there are two main ways to edit images. The first is to highlight a part of the image and give a specific description of that area, and the second is to make overall changes to the image in the chat sidebar.

How to edit images in DALL-E

To highlight part of an image and make edits to specific parts of the picture on your desktop, there’s a new selection button depicted as a swooping brush icon. From there, you can add, remove, or enhance the highlighted portion of the editor text box: give a prompt like “Add flowers.” You can also use the ChatGPT mobile app’s selection tool and highlight an area with your finger.

For general editing, enter a prompt in the chat in the sidebar, such as “Make it black and white.” This feature also works on the ChatGPT mobile app.

OpenAI’s DALL-E is just one of many AI image generators currently on the market.Microsoft’s copilot image generator Powered by OpenAI’s latest model, DALL-E 3, but Google has its own tool in its Gemini model ( recently attacked (Depicting Nazis as people of color and other historical inaccuracies led the company to pause Gemini while it addressed historiography issues.) These, along with other tools provided by Midjourney and Stability AI, make it possible to use generative AI to create images. Competition has become fierce.

Artificial intelligence-generated images are increasingly common, as evidenced by their integration into systemsSearch results and their use in films, e.g. Spend the night with the devil and promotional materials (with Apologize to Willy Wonka and the Children of Glasgow).

From this perspective, OpenAI’s move to make AI-generated images more editable may be a good move.

At the same time, OpenAI announced the launch of a video generator, focusing on expanding generative AI in the multimedia field. solarecently, a project named speech engine.

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