Dominican Republic Age Scam Fire Spreads MLB, Houston Astros Reportedly Losing Three Players in Burning Scandal

Although the Houston Astros are considered one of the top teams in Major League Baseball (MLB), the team’s future prospects are being damaged by old-fashioned dishonesty. Recently, the 2022 World Series champions were named as one of the clubs most affected by age fraud.

According to league rules, the minimum age for a player to seek an MLB contract is 16 years old. However, while this rule has been in place for some time, teams have frequently committed players as young as 12, 13 or 14 who claim to be 16, most recently, Jeff Passan and Evan Drelic Drellich co-authored an article in The Athletic alleging widespread age fraud among players of Dominican descent signed in international free agency.

“Multiple sports executives said the Astros appeared to be hardest hit, losing three players” – Chandler Roman

Several teams, including the Houston Astros, had their international free-agent signings rescinded because the league had legitimate concerns about the age of the signed players.Other teams apparently affected by age fraud include kansas city royalsNew York Mets, Oakland Athletics and Minnesota Twins.

The international free agent signing period opened on January 15, and many young stars had the opportunity to lock in a lifelong dream with an MLB team, but less than two weeks later, many of these names were recalled. Astros general manager Dana Brown declined to comment on the matter.

“Age fraud is growing in the Dominican Republic, causing confusion for MLB teams and young players. @JeffPassan” – Evan Drellich

Age fraud of all kinds is nothing new to baseball.Miguel Tejada won the 2002 MVP award as a member of Baseball League Oakland Athletics, lied about his age. Tejada claims he was two years younger than his actual age in order to get an MLB contract.Even though modern rookies seem to claim they are older The same violations of principles still exist compared to now.

The Houston Astros aren’t the only team affected by dishonesty

While the Astros still have a lot of skill on the roster, the future is quickly approaching. With their core group of Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Yordan Alvarez aging, the team will soon need to look to the future.

However, if age fraud continues at this rate, the future of all teams, not just the Houston Astros, could be in question.

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