DJ Moore or Adam Thielen: Who should I start on Fantasy Football in Week 11?

There’s a good chance that fantasy owners will end up adding DJ Moore and Adam Thielen to their rosters, especially if they are Carolina Panthers fans and miss Moore’s presence in the offense. If so, they may face a tough question this week, who should start between the two?

Should you start Adam Thielen?
Should you start Adam Thielen?

Is DJ Moore a good choice in fantasy football?

DJ Moore Has proven to be a very good fantasy wide receiver this season. He finished in the top ten in scoring and had some incredible games. The lack of consistency at quarterback hurt him, though.

humble as Tyson Bargent Have you ever played it? Justin Fields Better and better at getting Moore the ball.Bargent likes to feed the ball Cole Kmetand Fields likes to push the ball to Moore. if Fields can return this week, which is what people are looking forward to.

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Moore will face the 22nd ranked wide receiver defense in fantasy this week. The Detroit Lions could take a big lead and force Chicago to throw a lot of shots, which could give Moore a big game.

Is Adam Thielen a good choice in fantasy football?

for a while, Adam Thielen Either a draft steal or a waiver wire player of the year. Even so, he’s still an outstanding and surprisingly good player. His production has declined over the past few weeks, but he’s still the only player Bryce Young can trust to open wide and preserve passes.

This means a lot of fantasy.Dallas Cowboys defense is talented, though they’re missing star cornerback Trayvon DiggsIn the mid-range and short areas where Thielen excels, the Panthers can dunk this way to move the ball as they’ve struggled with frontcourt action all season.

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Thielen was the lone bright spot on one of the worst passing teams in the entire league.Given the talent gap between these two teams, expect a blowout to force carolina panthers Throw. If they throw, Thielen will probably get most of the targets.

DJ Moore vs Adam Thielen: Who should I start with?

our Fantasy Football Start/Sitting Analyzer Hints Adam Thielen is the best player this time around. While he did face a particularly challenging defense, it was nearly impossible for the Panthers to pass the ball almost exclusively from the start.

Adam Thielen replaces DJ Moore this weekAdam Thielen replaces DJ Moore this week
Adam Thielen replaces DJ Moore this week

The Cowboys defense is good, but they will likely take an early lead and force Carolina to become one-dimensional. This is bad news for Panthers fans, but could be good news for Thielen owner. He’s now a usage player and most of his production comes from being the only reliable player in this offense.

If Bryce Young throws the ball, he’ll likely look for Thielen. The most he can carry is 15 yards at a time, but Thielen could easily have a 10-catch, 100-yard day. That’s valuable, especially if DJ Moore has questions at quarterback.

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