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Diamond expert shares tips for buying the perfect engagement ring

Round, cushion, princess, emerald.

Inlay, prong, engraving.

Cut, color, clarity and carat.

Every engagement ring is made up of many parts.

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Your loved one looks down on him or her sparkling engagement ring Every day – so, of course, you want to make the right decision. But how?

From the shopping experience itself (online or in person, with or without your partner) to the design of the ring, there’s a lot to consider for this all-important purchase.

There are many steps to take in choosing an engagement ring before you propose to your sweetheart with one. (iStock)

The following guide contains all your engagement ring questions, answered by experts who have helped clients create the engagement rings of their dreams. Jewelry to symbolize their love.

  1. Online shopping vs. shopping in person
  2. How to determine your budget
  3. engagement ring shape
  4. 4C
  5. Should I go ring shopping with my partner?
  6. How do I know what kind of ring my girlfriend wants?
  7. How about customization?
  8. Lab grown or natural?

1. Online shopping vs. physical shopping

In the world of online shopping, engagement rings have become a trend.

Although shopping online may seem like an easy option, there are some things you should consider before shopping online.

“I think engagement rings are very personable. I think the in-store experience is really important with online shopping, being able to touch the ring, feel the ring, see how it looks on your finger. You can’t replace that experience,” Anthony Zucco Zucco, Sales Consultant at Mavilo Wholesalers Tampa, Floridatold Fox News Digital.

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“So, appointments, admissions, allowing women, men to actually come in and see it in person without having to edit online. I think that’s an important part of making the engagement process successful,” Zuko continued.

Deciding how to purchase a diamond is the first of many steps in the process.

2. How to determine your budget

The age-old question is “How much should I spend on an engagement ring?”

Well, it depends on who you ask.

Many people still believe that three months’ salary is an acceptable amount, but ultimately, this is a myth, not a rule. Budgeting is very personal to an individual. You need to have a budget in mind before you start shopping, otherwise costs can add up quickly.You may spend a lot of money Wedding day cash, There is no need to go into debt for a ring or for the big day.

It’s not a bad idea to openly discuss your budget with your partner before making a purchase and come up with a number that you both feel comfortable with.

holding cash in hand

Before you start shopping for an engagement ring, decide on a budget and stick to it. (iStock)

Creating a budget ahead of time will help you consider options within a given amount. Before you actually decide to ask the question, consider creating a rough budget.

This way, you can start saving for future purchases without having to come up with thousands of dollars in just a few weeks or months.

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The Knot’s 2023 Jewelry and Engagement Study found the average price to be $5,500.

Once you determine your budget, a jeweler can help you through the ring design process and ensure it fits the allotted cash amount.

“When you buy a diamond, you have to choose between cut, shape, color and clarity. You have to choose a grade within each group that you are comfortable with,” Mark Oliva, Diamond Company owner Marvelo told Fox Digital News in Tampa.

“When you go through our process, we’re actually building a diamond that fits your budget, or we’re showing you something better, and you actually don’t realize it because you haven’t studied it as much, so that The opener in front of you. So, all these factors have to be taken into account,” he added.

3. Engagement Ring Shape

Center stones come in many different shapes, some more classic and others more unique.

Round, cushion, princess, emerald, oval, pear, and marquise are a few common engagement ring shapes you can choose from, but it doesn’t stop there.

A study by The Knot found that round diamond rings are the most popular in 2023, with 34% choosing this shape.

Sources say oval-shaped gemstones have become a hot trend and the proportion of oval-shaped gemstones will jump from 2% to 23% by 2023.

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If you’ve done any research on engagement rings, you’ve probably come across the 4Cs. The 4Cs refer to cut, color, clarity and carat. All of these need to be considered to some extent, but there are some specific factors that you need to pay more attention to than others.

“I would say, we preach in Marvelo…the cut,” Zuko explained, “the cut of the diamond, it gives you all the dispersion of light. When you look down, you see across the room A girl’s stone.” , you’ll see the cut of the diamond. So you always want to make sure you never sacrifice on cut. “

“Sometimes it’s hard to make inferences if the client doesn’t have some education. So you really have to educate the client on cutting. Let them understand the ratios, understand the depth, understand more detail so they can make Make sure what they’re comparing actually has value,” Oliva said.

“We call it knowledge-driven value, and we believe that’s why we develop apps internally to educate people, because once you educate them and show them the difference in different clips, they immediately see it,” Oliva added.

Zucco says it’s also important to stay on top of color and clarity. These factors really come to light when you visit a jeweler and see the ring in person.

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“We also like to educate our customers about color, clarity, because it’s easy to lose all that knowledge online when you actually see all the diamonds, all the options, the color differences,” Zucco said.

5. Should I go ring shopping with my partner?

Today, many Couple chooses to buy rings together. This makes the entire process very seamless as the girl can contribute to the design of the ring.

“A lot of times when couples come in, it makes it easier because we can collaborate on all of these messages together,” Oliva says.

“Most of the time, surprisingly 80% of the time we end up talking to women about the size of the diamond and the style of its setting. And then, a lot of times we’ll discuss it with our partner more about the budget and more about the diamond itself. The practical part,” Oliva pointed out.

Bride and Groom's Pinky Promise

Today, many couples choose to go ring shopping together, so they participate in the process individually. (iStock)

Oliva explains that while they see many more couples now than in the past, there are still more people shopping alone for their future spouses.

“I would say probably 70% of the buyers are still individuals with no other people involved; but more and more couples are coming in together. She wants to make sure — they want to make sure they’re getting what they want,” especially If they are customizing, this is really the way to go because you can literally live out that person’s dream with the person next to you. So every element of the ring was addressed,” Oliva said.

6. How do I know what kind of ring my girlfriend wants?

If you want to keep the element of surprise intact, you still can. You just need to be a little more creative.

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Pay close attention to any hints, whether subtle or not-so-obvious, that your partner might be telling you about the kind of ring she wants.

You can always turn to friend or sibling Ask your girlfriend what she might like; chances are she’s already told them.

Take note of the colors and styles of jewelry she already wears, and follow social media to get inspiration for rings she might like because, as Oliva says, you have to go into the store with a basic idea at least you Looking for something.

“I’ll take cues from pictures on social media, Instagram, Pinterest, anywhere, but as far as design goes, you have to come up with ideas. Usually the design will include the shape or shape of the diamond she’s designing. Like,” Ollie Watt said.

7. How about customization?

From a distance, two engagement rings may look similar, but a closer look reveals their differences, largely thanks to customization.

Customization makes the wearer feel more unique and personal.

“From engravings, to peek-a-boo diamonds, to birthstones at the base of the railing, we’ve done it all. People want a personalized ring that makes their ring unique,” ​​Zucco said.

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“When you look at the Instagram page, you see a lot of variety – white gold, yellow gold, different shapes of diamonds, bigger and wider settings, thinner settings, but that’s what makes our business so interesting. It makes It’s so fun,” Oliva said.

“You’re never going to do the same thing every day. Everyone has a different vision of how they want it to be, and seeing execution on their fingers and really scaling to their vision, that’s our reward.”

8. Lab grown or natural?

Lab-grown diamonds are a trendy topic and many people choose this option instead of purchasing natural diamonds.

Oliva explained that lab-grown diamonds have had a huge impact on the diamond industry, which is a question many people are asking.

“The impact is huge,” Oliva said. “I think most jewelers have realized that as the economy and environment change, it has become an option — this is the first time in history that this kind of experimentation Lab-grown diamonds are an option and a lot of people are moving in that direction. A lot of jewelers don’t want anything to do with that.”

Education on this topic is very important when deciding which diamond to buy for your partner.

“Lab-grown diamonds can be made through CVD (i.e. carbon), or through high pressure and high temperature. Therefore, for the first time in history, diamonds can be created in the laboratory and produce results similar to natural diamonds. effect. And it gets consumers’ attention,” Oliva said.

“It’s a multi-billion dollar business today. Most customers, even if they’re buying a natural product or a lab product, they ask that question. So our app is completely built into our In the app, we have layers of education so people can understand and appreciate actually seeing the process,” Oliva added.

“Diamonds are an investment, a family heirloom that has intrinsic value beyond symbolism.”

“I think it’s really important for consumers to understand that there are fewer and fewer lab-grown diamonds. So, from the very beginning, let’s say two or three years ago, these lab-grown diamonds are now probably more expensive than It turned out to be about 90% less,” Oliva added.

“So we have a saying, natural diamonds are forever. Lab-grown diamonds – if that’s what the customer wants and it fits their budget needs and they’re happy with it, then there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a piece Beautiful stone.”

He added: “But it’s a question, it really depends on the consumer and the asset class they want to invest in. Diamonds are an investment, they’re an heirloom, they have intrinsic value beyond symbolism. But we follow trend [and] Try to be transparent with your customers and guide them in the direction they want,” Oliva concluded.

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Many jewelers have included lab-grown diamonds in their inventory, while others have stayed away. If you are interested in purchasing, or even just exploring, lab-grown diamonds, make sure the jeweler you go to can answer your questions and give you both options for you to consider.

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