Democratic school congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene permanently ousted

represent. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) advised Rep. Rosa DeLauro In a poignant moment on the House floor Tuesday night, (Connecticut Democrats) were confused by their age.

As it turns out, the only one confused was Greene — and DeLauro was happy to step in and sort things out for her.

green, a conspiracy theorist WHO spoke at a white nationalist event last yearattacking DeLauro for warning of a possible government shutdown.

“My Democratic colleague is 80 years old and has been here for over 30 years, and she just said we are on the verge of a shutdown,” Greene said. “She may have just forgotten that a few hours ago she voted for the continuation resolution that would Extend the budget and we’re not on the verge of shutting down.”

indeed a house Pass budget resolution A government shutdown may be avoided, but DeLauro points to something most kids learn in elementary school: This is just the first step in a bill becoming law.

“This woman may not know that there is a subsidiary body of the United States Congress called the United States Senate. They have to vote on continuing resolutions,” DeLauro said.

After that, the president must sign.

“This is probably a fundamental lesson in civics,” DeLauro noted. “There’s the House. There’s the Senate. And there’s the president.”

DeLauro also accused Greene and other Republicans of “frankly not understanding the government’s process.”

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