Debbie Downer No More: Rachel Dratch defeats Macauley Culkin in thrilling ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’

What a difference one dollar can make. This is how much former child star Macauley Culkin made (home alone) was defeated by Rachel Dratch, comedian and creator of irritating pessimism saturday night live Character Debbie Downer, in tonight’s nail-biting finale Celebrity Danger!

WWE Superstar Professional Wrestler Eliminates Trio Betsy Lynch, but she struggled throughout the evening with slow clicker reaction times and several close-but-no-cigar reactions, all of which kept her in a negative state for nearly the entire show. So the real battle is between Dratch and Culkin, who have amassed very substantial earnings, with Culkin taking home $16,800 and Dratch taking home $23,000 heading into Final Jeopardy.

Macaulay Culkin, Rachel Dratch and Betsy Lynch compete in Celebrity Jeopardy!

Macaulay Culkin, Rachel Dratch and Betsy Lynch compete Celebrity Danger! (ABC)

According to Spanish media reports, the category is “artist” and the clue was that “uncovered in 2017 to resolve paternity proceedings, his beard “retained its classic ten past ten position”.

The answer is painter Salvador Dali, who sported his famous gravity-defying handlebar mustache. Lynch got the correct answer, but since she could only bet $500, her stake was $1,000, and she only had a chance of winning if both Culkin and Dratch were almost at zero.

Next up was Culkin, who also gave the correct answer: his bet was a full $16,800, for a total of $33,600.

It all depends on Drudge’s reaction and stakes. Her response was correct, but judging by her anxious body language, hand-wringing, hair-pulling, and muttering under her breath (“I think I screwed up math”), it was correct. It wasn’t until host Ken Jennings did the math – “You bet $10,601, which will give you… $33,601!” that the audience cheered and a breathless Drudge looked even more confused. More shocked than relieved.

“Debbie Downer responded to this Danger! A lot of times,” Jennings said, “but it’s not frustrating: You’re now a Danger! champion. “

When it came to the topic of celebrities as a game show, Jennings noted earlier during the show’s Conversation segment that Culkin had previously participated in Danger! About 42 clues in, he jokingly responded: “Look, Mom! I’m famous. I’m a fact. I’m ordinary.”

Now he can add to that list the fact that he missed an opportunity to make money Danger! Championship bragging rights… just a little short of the money.

Celebrity Danger! Airs every Wednesday on ABC.

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