Database Technology Careers – Insights from Franck Pachot

“It all started at my first job when I built a small application using Borland Paradox. My manager suggested we build it using Delphi and an Oracle database. At the time, the company was completely IBM-centric, and This project was external and I was in the company’s IT department, but my manager got support from Oracle and Sun to get the hardware and software needed for the trial run. As a junior employee, I set up a Sun workstation and installed Oracle was installed and all network components were configured. Client/server applications. This was DevOps before it became a reality!

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different companies and teams, including development, integration, and operations, and this diverse experience has allowed me to consider all aspects and listen to all users.

The recruiter was skeptical about my production experience. To prove my knowledge, I obtained certifications such as the Oracle OCP exam. After that, I passed the Oracle Certified Master exam. These certifications were extremely valuable in helping me establish a learning structure and gain a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Recently, I achieved an important milestone by switching to another database system, YugabyteDB. At first, I felt like I was giving up all the extensive knowledge I had accumulated on Oracle. However, I quickly realized that my skills were not limited to “specific products, but included methods, concepts, and intuition. So, I wasn’t starting from scratch, and my previous experience with other databases was still valuable.”

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