CrowdStrike Peer grows 406% — and new buying points

Driven by last quarter’s 406% earnings growth and strong forecasts for the future, Cyber ​​Ark Software (CYBR) has a new potential breakout after already fueling an impressive rise.As a result, CYBR stock has earned a spot on the latest list Best Mutual Funds for New Buys,beside mass strike (CRWD), Palo Alto Networks (Pan Wei), Z scaler (ZS) and OK (OK).


CyberArk also earned a spot IBD rankings Watchlist.Join the top cadre team Cybersecurity Stocks to Watchindustry peer CrowdStrike has broken into IBD50 and IBD Industry Leaderour most stringent inventory screening.

CyberArk and CrowdStrike both scored a high of 99 Overall rating. This score shows that both cybersecurity companies are in the top 1% of all companies for the most important aspects. Stock selection factors.

The network security software industry group ranks 41st among IBD’s 197 groups.

CYBR Stocks and Cybersecurity Go Together

In its latest report, CyberArk’s earnings continued its impressive rebound, with earnings per share set to grow 406% to 81 cents. Analysts expect triple-digit growth to continue over the next two quarters.

In terms of sales, CyberArk has now achieved three quarters of revenue growth, including an annual increase of 32% to $223.1 million. Season 4.

stock demand CYBR Stock Most outperformed their peers. 1.5 for the stock Up/down volume ratio Ahead of all group competitors, including CrowdStrike (1.2) and Palo Alto Networks (1.0).

company symbol Compare ratings Last quarter EPS change percentage EPS expected for current quarter % EPS Rating Roll up/down. RS rating SMR rating A/D Rating
Cyber ​​Ark Software CYBR 99 406 *262 82 1.5 94 Second Second
mass strike CRWD 99 102 57 99 1.2 97 A C-
OK OK 97 16 twenty one 94 1.3 89 A A-
Z scaler ZS 95 105 36 99 0.7 83 A D-
Palo Alto Networks Pan Wei 93 39 Chapter 387 98 1 75 A C
*Based on comparison to same period last year showing losses

CyberArk strengthens FedRAMP network security

CyberArk, based in Israel, specializes in privileged account access — advanced and highly sensitive electronic accounts with increased access rights that analysts say are more likely to be targeted by hackers.

Last week, CyberArk announced that two of its leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager and CyberArk Workforce Identity.

According to CyberArk, this authorization strengthens the cybersecurity company’s ability to help federal agencies and other public sector organizations securely access all enterprise applications.

CYBR Stock Eyes New Breakout

CyberArk joins IBD leaderboard watchlist as it clears its buy zone 10-week moving average Rebound entry.The stock is also forming now Integrated model Showing 283 buy some.

CyberArk reaches 61% after breaking out of early stages before new product launches are possible flat base November. The stock ended lower for a third day in a row on Tuesday, but volume was light and below average each session. CyberArk closed the day with its fundamentals and buy point intact at 263.73.

Meanwhile, Nice shares moved into and past potential profit-taking territory. The stock retreated after surging on Monday but edged higher on Tuesday. CrowdStike continues to hold support at the 10-week line. The stock retreated after surging on Monday but edged higher on Tuesday. CrowdStike continues to hold support at the 10-week line. Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler both performed well below this benchmark.

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