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Cops commandeer civilians’ bikes to take on drug dealers in wild street chase: Video

Wild footage from the UK The film tells the story of a police officer who commandeers a civilian’s bicycle in order to track down and capture a drug dealer who is in possession of drugs disguised as candy.

Insp Beth Warren, of Northamptonshire Police, said of the dramatic footage: “This incident is an example of old-fashioned policing, where our officers and members of the public worked together to bring down an aggressive officer. A man who caused damage to the community,” according to SWNS News.

The scene unfolded in Northampton on August 23, when police received a call from a member of the public about a drug deal involving a 28-year-old man, Sean Prosser. Constable Lewis Marks sprang into action and pursued Prosser. The video shows him getting out of his police car.

Prosser was seen riding his bicycle into Becketts Park, forcing police to jump out of the vehicle and pursue the suspect on foot.

Sean Prosser, 28, was arrested and charged with drug offenses in the UK. (SWNS News)

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Max then spots a civilian riding his mountain bike and demands to commandeer it.

“Can we borrow your bike? Can we borrow your bike? Thank you,” Max says in the video.

wild video show Police are busy in the mountains Biking through parks and city streets until he caught up with Prosser and subdued the man.

“Oh! My head. I didn’t do anything,” Prosser can be heard saying in the video as the two grapple on the ground.

Policeman on bicycle

Officer Lewis Marks chases drug dealers on his bicycle. (SWNS News)

Marks handcuffed the man and reported to colleagues that he had “bumped” [Prosser] Get off his bike. ”

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“I want to return this bike to its owner. I just took it from a member of the public,” he added.

Police arrest drug dealer

Officer Lewis Marks handcuffs a drug suspect. (SWNS News)

The video shows the officer riding his bike back to the park, where he met the bike’s owner and thanked him for loaning him the mountain bike.

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“Man, I got him, and I couldn’t have caught him without your help,” he told the man as they shook hands.

men shaking hands

Constable Lewis Marks shakes hands with a civilian who lent him his bike to chase drug dealers. (SWNS News)

Prosser was taken into custody and found in possession of a large amount of cash and a mobile phone containing text messages Information related to drug tradeAccording to SWNS, police also found Kinder egg candy toys that contained heroin and crack cocaine.

He was charged with two offenses: possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, escaping from lawful custody, obtaining/using/possessing criminal property, being concerned in the supply of cocaine and being concerned in the supply of heroin.month, yes Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than three yearsAccording to SWNS.

Insp Warren, of Northamptonshire Police, added of the officer’s actions: “PC Marks’ quick thinking ensured Prosser’s swift arrest and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the member of the public who allowed us to borrow his bike. “To SWNS.

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“Tackling the harm of drugs is a top priority for Northamptonshire Police and I hope this case shows how we act quickly on community intelligence to make our towns a better place to live.”

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