Convicted attempted murderer of police officer on the run after unexpected release from NY jail: sources

An inmate convicted of shooting two Queens police officers more than a decade ago is back on the streets after being unexpectedly released from a Manhattan jail, according to police sources.

Antonio Olmeda, 65, was wanted by U.S. Marshals after he was mistakenly released Wednesday from the New York State Department of Commerce’s Manhattan Detention Center, sources said.

olmeda is Sentenced to 20 years to life in prison In 2016, he was convicted of attempted first-degree murder out of guilt for trying to kill NYPD officers Stephen DeNisi and Matthew Ferrara, who were patrolling Jackson Heights in 2011.

He has also repeatedly threatened to harm judges and U.S. attorneys since he was imprisoned, according to police sources.

Olmeda was wearing a fake beard, fedora hat, trench coat and glasses when two police officers approached her on Dec. 2, 2011.

He refused to take his hands out of his pockets, pulled out his gun and fired three times.

Antonio Olmeda, 65, was mistakenly released from prison Wednesday, sources said.

shooting scene
Olmeida apologized for the 2011 shootings of two Queens police officers.
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Fortunately, neither Denise nor Ferrara were hit, but one of the bullets went through the window of a nearby dentist’s office, whose waiting room was packed with children.

Olmeda was collared weeks later after police matched his DNA to artificial facial hair that fell off as he fled the scene.Prosecutors said he was Carrying a “Hot List” and prepared to kill his lawyer. when he was caught.

olmeda additional Sentenced to 12 years in federal prison Authorities found more than 20 illegal firearms, including machine guns and rifles, in his Yonkers warehouse.

In 1995, Olmeida was arrested for possessing a flamethrower and making pipe bombs.

He was also arrested shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks for carrying ammunition and bomb-making equipment. He spent 18 months in prison but denied planning the attack.

The Post has contacted the state Department of Commerce and U.S. Marshals, who are searching for Olmeda.

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