Claudia Sulewski’s favorite beauty routine these days

Beauty habits never really stand still—practices are constantly evolving and changing, just like us. as of recently, we talk to influencers about their current products and habits. Here, we find out what they’re doing now: the divine recipes they use down to the last drop, the fresh products they focus on, and, of course, the why behind it all.

Over burrata and sourdough toast, I learned the best-kept beauty and health secrets of actresses, YouTubers, and influencers Claudia Sulewski.

You might recognize her radiant face from her role in the 2022 film i love my dad, Or maybe you’re one of her 2.45 million YouTube subscribersWhether you’ve come across Sulewski or not, her resume proves that she’s a woman of many talents, and I might add that she’s only 27 years old.

Recently, she ventured into creating her own brand secralThe first SKU was launched a few weeks ago. Her goal is to eliminate wasteful, single-use packaging and redefine what it means to sell refillable and reusable products.

Ahead, let’s take a peek into her mindful, intentional beauty and wellness journey.

Speaking of which, Sulewski added another drink to her ritual list.

“I’ve cut coffee out of my diet, and I’m a Matcha It’s a girl now,” she said, reaching into her bag and revealing that she actually carries her go-to matcha powder with her at all times.

“I particularly like this Peak Sun Goddess Matcha,” she said. The mixture only contains matcha powder and nothing else – making Benefits of this tea powder for skin shine.

In addition to skin-related motivations, the shift also fostered a more balanced mindset for Sulewski.

“It gives me sustainable energy without spikes. I just get too jittery and anxious because of the coffee,” she says.

“Health is largely about stress regulation… Being able to have some control over your stress levels and learning how to help yourself cope with daily stress and keep your body in a neutral state is really key,” she said.

Wise words, right?

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