Christie Brinkley strips off to celebrate 70th birthday

Christie Brinkley When she looked at herself in the mirror, she was “happy at last.”

The former supermodel celebrated her 70th birthday on Instagram on Tuesday.

In the mirror selfie, Brinkley wore a white Alo sports bra and black leggings, flexing her biceps for the photo.

“Looking in the mirror on my 70th birthday, what did I see?” she began her caption It reads like a poem. “I’m finally happy with the person who looks back at me. I’m no longer picky and demanding, now I’m grateful and understanding.”

She continued, “I’ve pushed through this body. I’ve broken every bone, and in tiny miracles, my heart and soul have been healed, and I’m home. It took me 70 years to Coming here, with tears and joy, I have found my happiness, so now I’m going to end this poem before I get too stupid!”

Christie ended by wishing herself “Happy birthday!”

The mother-of-three received rave reviews in her comments section.

“On my 70th birthday, I looked in the mirror and what I saw,” she begins her caption, which reads like a poem. “I’m finally happy with the person who looks back at me. I’m not picky and demanding now, I’m grateful and understanding.” Christie Brinkley/Instagram

One user wrote, “You look incredible!!! and you radiate confidence!” Another added, “You are a bright light in this world and one of my favorite people to follow because Your always upbeat posts. Keep shining, girl.”

The Sports Illustrated model has been celebrating ahead of her milestone birthday. Earlier this month, Brinkley posted a series of photos of herself and her two children on vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In the photo, she sits on a beach hut, smiling with her children under a balloon arch and a Happy Birthday banner.

Christie ended by wishing herself “Happy birthday!” Christie Brinkley/Instagram

“We arrived just in time for a golden sunset over Lucky House,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “Swipe to see what the kids did to our living room so I don’t forget about the week. I’ll be 70 in five!” Isn’t that sweet! ! ! “

In January 2024, ahead of her milestone birthday, Brinkley admitted in an interview with People that it made the model think about all the things she still wanted to accomplish in life.

“I still want to go to India,” she shared. “I’ve never been to Tahiti or Thailand. I also want to go to Bali. I have to eat, pray, love.”

Brinkley told the media that she is turning 70 “with great respect and affection.” She explained that she feels similar to when she turned 50, calling both birthdays “a time to look back and look forward to the future.”

“Big 7-0 is another one of those [ages] “That’s looming in the huge block numbers,” she told the outlet. “At 62, you start to think, ‘Well, I’m almost 70.’This cast a pall over the entire decade. “

Although she initially thought she was going to have a “big” party, she admitted she was too busy to do much planning.

“That’s absolutely fine with me,” Brinkley said.

The actress became a sensation as a model in 1973 after being discovered in Paris. She has made history many times as a model while also appearing in popular movies and TV shows.

In addition to being a highly successful model, Brinkley is a proud mother of three children and has founded many successful businesses. Looking ahead, she won’t let aging stop her from pursuing new projects.

Although she initially thought she was going to have a “big” party, she admitted she was too busy to do much planning. Christie Brinkley/Instagram

“What’s the big deal about being 30? What’s the big deal about being 40?” Brinkley told Tamron Hall in September 2023. “If you take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, and have a good mental attitude — a lot of laughter, a lot of curiosity, a lot of adventure — that keeps you young. In short, age is just a matter of time.” mentality, so I just don’t think about it.”

Fox News Digital’s Lori Bashian contributed to this report.

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