Charlie Munger rebuked Wallen Buffett’s “absurdity” idea of ​​sacrificing shareholders’ interests

Varon Buffett (left) and Charlie Munger.Eric Francis/Getty Picture Club

  • He was facing a review after the PROPUBLICA reported Volun Buffett’s personal stock transaction.

  • Charlie Munger refuted the idea of ​​getting rich through shareholders.

  • Buffett’s business partner said Buffett is more concerned about Parker Hyatswich, not his own wealth.

Warren Buffett is in a rare and disturbing situation, and his moral guidelines are questioned ProPublica Report Charlie Munger conducted a warm defense for his business partners in his personal stock transaction Accept the National Broadcasting Corporation Finance Channel (CNBC) this week.

The 99 -year -old Vice Chairman of Buffett said: “I think Wallen Buffett cannot do something extremely evil for his own interests.” Berkshire Hathaway Enterprise Group.

Munger continued: “He is more concerned about Parkxia’s experience, not his own money.” He pointed out that Buffett promised to donate almost all wealth to public welfare.

Since 2006, investors have been Bokxia stocks that have donated more than half ——This account for more than 99% of his net assets -donated to the four foundations of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and his family.

Munger said that Buffett’s idea of ​​becoming rich at the cost of sacrificing shareholders “is not a reasonable argument”, “this is a more ridiculous statement about Berkshire.”

CNBC’s Bakkick pointed out when interviewing Munger that he had not read the report of Propublica.

Propublica quotes the leaked IRS from 2000 to 2019. Ask a question About Buffett PortfolioHe accused him of selling these three stocks in Parkxia while selling shares of Wells Fargo, Wal -Mart and Johnson & Johnson, with a total value of 80 million US dollars.

The surveyed news non -profit organization said that these transactions seemed to violate the rules of Buffett himself in Portham. Employees who understand the company’s internal situations that are trading or planned are prohibited from purchasing or selling these securities.

Propublica also pointed out that Buffett has publicly stated that he avoids the securities in Pokxia’s personal investment portfolio in the personal investment portfolio to avoid any potential interest conflict.

The media said that in about 20 years, Buffett personally sold stocks worth nearly $ 500 million and disposed of more bonds.

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