Carrie Underwood says country music has ‘broadened its scope’: ‘There’s really something for everyone now’

Carrie UnderwoodA journey that begins with victory American idol In 2005, being one of country music’s most influential voices wasn’t without its challenges, despite her apparent ease.

“The most important thing is to just relax,” the 41-year-old singer tells Yahoo Entertainment about finding balance while raising her two sons, Isaiah, 9, and Jacob, 5, with her husband Mike Fisher co-raises the two sons.

“Juggling is real for parents,” she said. “We’re running around trying to take care of ourselves. We’re trying to take care of our kids. We’re working, we’re juggling. But that’s how we end up all together, right Bar?”

Underwood knows a thing or two about juggling. Eight Grammy Awards Under her belt, the singer has found success in multiple musical genres—a rare feat for any artist.

The singer’s 2005 debut album, Some hearts, According to statistics, the album blended elements of country music and pop music and became the best-selling album of all music genres that year. Forbes.

She thrives at the intersection of these musics and is branching out into new sounds ahead of releasing her 2022 album Denim and rhinestonesmarking her return to China.

Country music embraces a variety of new sounds and established artists from other genres, Underwood said.

“There’s really something for everyone now,” Underwood said of the genre. “One of the great things about country music, and this is true for music in general, is that every genre continues to broaden its scope. .If you like stuff that’s more traditional, you can find that. If you like stuff that looks more pop, you can find it. If you like stuff that crosses into other genres, you can find something you like – And they’re all part of the same “family.” I always welcome that. “

She continued, “I love people like Post Malone beyonce “Jelly Roll and people like Jelly Roll are artists first and foremost. They blend different types of music, which I think is really cool.”

Underwood is preparing for a big year ahead.She added more dates for 2024 Las Vegas Residency and have Upcoming travel stops She also launched Carrie’s Country, a faith-based country and gospel channel on SiriusXM.

Even with a busy schedule, she tries to relax by exercising and staying hydrated.One of her tips is to carry it with you BODYARMOR Flash IV Stick Wherever she goes, these are flavored powder packets that you can pour into your water bath to help boost energy and electrolytes.

Carrie Underwood says

Carrie Underwood says she carries a BODYARMOR Flash IV stick with her to help boost her energy. (BODYARMOR)

“You can put them in your purse, bag, on your desk or whatever you’re doing,” Underwood says. COLLABORATE WITH BODYARMOR Since 2021. “It’s all about adapting to things as best as possible. Like everyone else, it’s about making good choices as easy as possible and as convenient as possible.”

That’s easier said than done, especially when Isaiah and Jacob aren’t on the road with her when they’re not in school.

“We try to keep them as still as possible because I feel like that’s where the larger life lessons happen. I want them to live a normal life, whatever that means,” she said. “But that’s a great thing about me. “Work. I might be gone for a minute, but then I’m also home for a long time. “

She explained that family traditions are important in her family, which sometimes include watching new episodes American idol.

“I try to keep up,” she said of the singing competition show, now in its 22nd season. “I think it’s all great. At the end of the day, it gives people the opportunity to achieve their dreams.”

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