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California cliffside collapse: Mansion teetering as severe weather sets in

Three massive multi-million dollar homes perched on cliffside in california During a recent storm, large swathes of coastline collapsed and nearly fell into the sea.

Incredible video footage captured by FOX 11 Los Angeles shows three crumbling homes on Scenic Drive in Dana Point, a picturesque city in Orange County about 10 miles south of Los Angeles. 60 miles. downtown los angeles.

Recent severe winter storm – hits California rainstorm Hurricane-like wind gusts washed away part of the cliff, leaving the back of the house precarious near the edge.

Video footage shows houses teetering on the edge of a cliff on Dana Point Scenic Drive. (Fox 11 Los Angeles)

Atmospheric river hits California, killing 9 and causing hundreds of landslides

The video shows a large pile of dirt, sand and rock now sitting about 150 feet at the base of the cliff as waves crash into the sediment. Was also dragged away.

According to the New York Post, the three adjacent homes are estimated to be worth approximately $15.9 million, $14.1 million, and $12.9 million respectively. real estate Red Fin Corporation.

An Orange County supervisor told Fox 11 the cliffside home is being monitored but does not appear to be in any danger.

“This looks more dramatic than it is,” Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley said Monday.

Waves crashing against the bottom of the cliff

Recent severe winter storms have washed away part of the cliff, leaving homes near the edge precarious. (Fox 11 Los Angeles)

37 million California residents face dangerous flooding risk

Foley said a building inspector evaluated the homes and concluded there was no structural damage and the buildings are not expected to be red-tagged, meaning the homes are deemed unsafe to live in.

There are also no evacuation plans, Foley said.

Homeowners are not out of the woods yet, given the ground is already saturated, with more rain expected, he said.

City officials released a statement about the homes and said they spoke with the owners of the homes and slopes that failed.

During a recent storm, large swathes of shoreline collapsed and one house was on the verge of falling into the sea.

With the ground already saturated and more rain expected, homeowners are not out of the woods just yet, an official said. (Fox 11 Los Angeles)

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“At this time, the city has determined that there is no imminent threat to the home and is taking no further action at this time,” the statement read, according to Fox 11.

City Councilman Steve Knoblock also visited the site and told the Orange County Register that a few years ago the city had to red tag a home in the area that was later Due to the unstable slope, the house was condemned and pushed down the hillside.

As of Wednesday evening, 562 mudslides had occurred in Los Angeles and 15 homes had been red-tagged, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, citing Mayor Karen Bass’ office.

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