‘Busy’ Whoopi Goldberg keeps leaving ‘The View’ co-host group chat: ‘I don’t care’

Whoopi Goldberg has no interest in being part of a group chat co-hosted by “The View.”

period Monday’s episode On the ABC talk show, co-host Alyssa Farrah Griffin asked other women if there was a group chat she wasn’t in.

Co-host Sonny Hostin acknowledged that this had happened in previous years, but told Griffin that Goldberg, 68, would “happily give up her spot to you.”

“She doesn’t look at any of us,” Holston, 55, said of the “The Last Days” actress.

“I feel like Michael Corleone. Because I took myself away from the group text…and then all of a sudden I’m back! And I’m like, ‘What was that,'” Goldberg interjected.

“There is still joy [Behar] Rejuvenates you instantly,” adds Hostin.

Co-host Ana Navarro suggested that Goldberg should consider muting her notifications rather than exiting the group chat entirely.

But Goldberg defended her position.

Goldberg’s co-hosts have repeatedly claimed she quit their group chat. Viewpoint/YouTube

“Silent silence doesn’t mean being a part of it,” she said. “I don’t care. I don’t care what you’re upset about. It’s the weekend!”

Navarro, 52, then chimed in, adding that having multiple group chats with different people can be confusing.

“Look, that’s why I don’t care about all this stuff, because I know who I’m texting,” Goldberg said. “If I need to talk to you, I’m going to talk to you.”

The EGOT winner said she was too “busy” to handle the ongoing text messages. Viewpoint/YouTube

“I’m not just sending you stuff! I’m busy! I’m busy, you know,” she continued. “What do you think I’m doing when I’m talking about those hits and those runs?”

“When I have something to say, I communicate. I don’t just send you stuff. I’m busy,” she added.

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Goldberg is known for being outspoken, and it’s not surprising that she walked away from the table during “The View” when a topic came up that didn’t interest her.

earlier this month She walked out of the set Once her partner starts talking about sexual fetishes.

When a topic comes up that doesn’t interest her, Goldberg takes herself off the “viewpoint” list. Viewpoint/YouTube

The ladies discussed a Guardian consultation column An anonymous man claims his wife stopped allowing him to give her foot massages after he told her he had a fetish.

Goldberg refused to discuss further, rose from his seat, walked briskly away, and said, “Just a moment, please. Keep talking!”

“Whoopi has left the building,” Griffin quipped.

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