Brittany Mahomes tells fans to ‘stay upset’ with not-so-cryptic message after being called ‘the worst’

Brittany Mahomes Hits back at those who think she has one “High horse” attitude to stadium staff.

The wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shares a not-so-cryptic message about her Instagram Stories Wednesday, which told fans to “keep interrupting.”

“‘I take the rumor as a compliment,'” she retweeted.

“‘The fact that you put my name on a table where I’m not sitting shows your obsession. Never mind.'”

Brittany, 28, also shared a selfie video of herself, Patrick and their two kids taking a drive and seemingly ignoring the haters.

A TikTok video Released by CBS Sunday’s AFC Championship game went viral this week because the game showed WAG being rude when she didn’t know where to go.

She reposted the post on Instagram on Wednesday. Brittany Mahomes/Instagram
“‘I take the rumor as a compliment,'” she posted on Instagram Story. Instagram/@brittanylynne
The pointed message comes after a viral TikTok in which she appeared to treat a stadium worker poorly. nfloncbs/TikTok

“Mahome’s wife needs to get down,” one viewer commented.

“This is where we go from here, finger twirling for me đŸ˜³,” another added.

One viewer called Brittany “Karen,” while another described her as “so extra.”

Some described her as a “Karen” while others said she should drop her “arrogant” attitude. nfloncbs/TikTok

Unfortunately for Brittany, this isn’t the first time she’s been accused of treating people poorly. TikTok user Jessica O’Connor She once accused the fitness instructor of not tipping the entire hotel staff while she was looking for a fitness instructor after staying at 1 Hotel West Hollywood for several days. Wedding dress.

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O’Connor, who said she worked as a “waiter, barista, bartender” at the hotel, claimed in a November 2023 social media video that Brittany asked her for a $130 bill.

While O’Connor was willing to abandon the practice because there could have been a variety of reasons for not tipping, O’Connor couldn’t forgive Brittany for not tipping the staff throughout their stay.

Previously, a waitress accused Brittany of being stiff with hotel staff after an extended stay. USA TODAY sports reporting via Reuters

“But I think they were there for almost a week. And they didn’t tip any of our staff,” O’Connor claimed. “Not only did she not tip her, she was really unpleasant.”

Others who work in the hospitality industry and have met Brittany echoed O’Connor’s sentiments in the comments.

“Confirmed! I was a bottle server at a nightclub in Kansas City and this is 100% my experience,” one user wrote.

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