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Brigitte Macron: I thought 15-year-old Emmanuel would fall in love with someone his own age

Emmanuel MacronHis wife and former teacher thinks he will ‘fall in love with someone’ [own] After he transferred from the school where she taught him.

In an interview, Brigitte Macron Said she delayed her marriage to a former student for ten years because she feared her three children’s lives would be ruined if she formalized a relationship with a teenager of the same age.

The French president was 15 when he fell in love with Brigitte Auzière, a married drama teacher who was 40 at the time, at the Catholic Providence School in Amiens in the early 1990s. Her daughter Laurence was a classmate of the future French president.

When their burgeoning romance sparked scandal in France’s northern provincial city, Mr. Macron’s parents, both doctors, sent him to Paris to board and continue his sixth-grade studies.

“My mind is in turmoil,” Mrs. Macron, 70, told Paris Match in a rare interview. The life of the first lady of france Since 2017.

“For me, such a little boy was crippled. Emmanuel had to go to Paris. I told myself that he would fall in love with one of his [own] age. This didn’t happen. “

“I don’t want to miss life”

Mrs. Macron no longer teaches drama, where she met her future husband, but continues to teach French and Latin. “The only obstacle is my children,” she said. “I take my time so I don’t ruin their lives. This goes on for a long time. It’s been ten years and it’s time to get them on track.” You can imagine what they heard. But I don’t want to miss out on my life.

“I had no idea how my parents, who were the epitome of loyalty and good upbringing, would react to our marriage.”

Mrs Macron’s mother, Simone Trogneux, died in 1996. Her father, Jean, a successful chocolatier, also died two years ago.

Mrs Macron said her brothers and sisters often joked about the gossip. She divorced her estranged banker husband, André-Louis Auzière, in 2006 and married Mr. Macron a year later, when he was a young civil servant.

Her son, now 48, is three years older than her second husband, and her two daughters are 46 and 39 respectively. Mr Ozier died in 2019 and never gave an interview.

Ms. Macron in an interview with Paris Match gushing about her husband.

“He amazes me every day,” she said. “I have never seen anyone with such memory…such intelligence. I have had many brilliant students, but none of them had his abilities. I have always admired him.”

Brigitte Macron with King Charles and Queen Camilla

Mrs Macron praises the king and queen following their state visit to France – Samir Hussein/WireImage

She praised the French presidential couple, the king and queen receive their state visit “I was worried when the royal couple arrived,” she said, “but from the moment they arrived at the Arc de Triomphe, when Camilla got out of the car and kissed me, they set the tone. He was very elegant, very cultured, Very interesting. That sums it up to how refined they are.”

She added that in private, the king and queen were discreet but charming.

“On Thursday night they came to the Elysée Palace for an aperitif because they hadn’t eaten much,” she said.

“It was just the four of us. It was a wonderful moment. There they were – Charles and Camilla. They left for Bordeaux the next day.”

Commenting on other world leaders, she said Melania Trump, who visited with her husband in 2017, was “very sweet.”

“But she had a very tight control over her husband. When she tapped her watch during dinner, her husband knew it was time to get up and leave. He obeyed. She had a strong personality.”

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