Brandon Beane: Bills got ‘unfair deal’ without third-round compensatory pick

The NFL’s formula for allocating compensatory draft picks is so complex that even the league itself sometimes makes mistakes in its calculations. The Bills figured they’d be in this situation when they didn’t receive a third-round compensatory pick due to a loss. Tremaine Edmonds in free agency.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane was unhappy that Edmonds received only a fourth-round pick.He said Buffalo and san franciscofinished fourth instead of third due to failure Jimmy Garoppoloare two teams that were screwed up by the league’s compensation draft process.

“It does surprise me,” Beane said. “I think we and San Francisco got a raw deal,” Beane said. “We had separate Zoom meetings with the league to try to figure out how it was calculated because even they ‘s account, as we’re going through the year with them, we obviously have a third-round pick.”

Beane said NFL contracts have become more complex as void years come and go, and the league’s compensatory pick calculations haven’t kept up.

“It has to do with all the transitions and whitespace and stuff like that. Numbers aren’t really numbers,” Bean said.

Beane said the Bills went to great lengths to convince the NFL they deserved a third-round compensatory pick.

“It’s a big blow because we had planned for it and I know San Francisco feels the same way,” Bean said. “We tried our best and they refused to make a deal.”

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