Bold Fantasy Baseball Predictions for the 2024 MLB Season

With MLB Opening Day approaching and the fantasy baseball season officially kicking off, our staff has made their top predictions for 2024. Which of these will become reality?

Someone stole 80 bases this season

I’m not sure if this is wishful thinking or analysis, but let’s give it a try: We’re about to have the first 80-steal season in the majors since 1988, when Vince Coleman and Ricky Henderson All achieved this.

Last year’s stolen base league leader, Ronald Acuna Kowa ruiz estuary, had 73 and 67 steals respectively, so we’re definitely in range. Pace-of-game rule changes in 2023 severely limit what pitchers can throw, opening up stolen bases in a dramatic way. An MLB team averaged 117 stolen bags in 2023, compared to 83 the year before, and the league-wide success rate was over 80%, so every team that didn’t play last season should Try to steal in 2024.

The list of players with the potential to reach 80 points is not short. Acuna and Ruiz are at the top, but Victor Scott, Corbin Carroll, Bobby Witt Jr.. Ellie de la Cruz Scott racked up 94 sacks last year across two minor league levels, so he’s already reached that mark in professional baseball, which is no small feat.

Some of us are old enough to remember that 80 steals was often not enough to lead the league. Hopefully those days are not completely behind us. — Andy Behrens

Consensus SP1 wins 2024 National League MVP

Spencer Strider Last season, he led the league by a wide margin in SIERA (2.86), K-BB% (29.2), and CSW (33.8); the gap between his K-BB% and second-place SP was wider than that of second-place and first-place Even bigger. 18. One of Strider’s big weaknesses is pitching with runners on base, but His new curveball should help; He was already on the verge of not being able to hit the ball before a third pitch was added. During the spring, he finished with a 0.79 ERA and 35 K’s in 22.2 innings. Cartoonized 43.2 SwStr%.

Strider has undergone Tommy John surgery and has a career 37.2 K%; Pedro MartinezIt’s 27.7. Randy Johnson is 28.6. Gerrit ColeIt’s 28.8. The Strider will also benefit from run support and should win against the pitching Atlanta The offense projects to be its highest scoring team so far this season. warriors and dodgers Hitters will waste votes on each other, and Strider will stand out among pitchers a level below him.

Strider becomes the first pitcher (excluding Shohei Ohtani) wins MVP (100/1) within ten years.

The evil empire falls apart

I could see the Yankees potentially bottoming out.

What shocks me is that their team’s winning percentage has remained in the mid-90s throughout the month of March.Gerrit Cole was seriously injured and Aaron Judge – A turnover in midfield from a player with a high turnover rate – is already bad.We never expect anything close to a full season Giancarlo StantonThe offense has a handful of back-nine players, and it’s also an organization that may not be willing to accept a big salary mid-year, unlike past editions.

I expect New York to fall well short of that lofty win projection, and I think this team is more likely to finish last in the AFC East than first. certainly, Juan Soto Obviously a star.If you want to chase one Anthony Volpe outbreak season, I’m on boardBut that’s not on my list of destinations for 2024. — Scott Pianowski

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The former superstar’s death was overblown

Listen, most of us are so close Log out Christian Yelich Last year’s resurgence was a welcome improvement after three consecutive seasons of poor performance, poor form and long-term injuries.

Yelich’s days as a Triple Crown threat may be behind him, but if he becomes a 20/20 player with a batting average and on-base ability, he’s a fantasy talent. Not long ago, many of us suspected that his recurring back problems were indicative of some chronic problem that could derail his career. But after 54 extra-base hits and 28 steals last season, there’s no obvious reason to panic.He had a productive spring full of strength, and His swing is as clean as everIf you have a late draft pick, treat him with confidence at or before his ADP of 6-7 rounds. Outfield could get messy quickly this year, while Yelich remains a worthy multi-class asset for banks. — Andy Behrens

Former MVP is about to make a comeback

Jose Abreu Always. You could consider him one of the true career hitters in the game over the years, with 30 home runs and 100 RBIs.But after 9 seasons chicagothe former American League MVP’s first season Houston Things didn’t go as expected, and not only was the power gone, but so was his ability to be a great hitter.

While Abreu’s overall numbers weren’t impressive (.680 OPS), he did have a .760 OPS in the second half and showed signs of getting back to his old self. Changes can be difficult for players, especially those close to Abreu, and now that it’s been two seasons since that change, Abreu should be back to being the hitter we saw him be, even though he’s 37 Years old. — Russell Dorsey

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A former ace hopes to regain his old form with a new team

Injuries can throw nasty curveballs in fantasy, so I understand the hesitation in drafting Jack FlahertyIt’s been a while since we’ve seen him play anywhere near the 2019 season, when he finished fourth in NL Cy Young voting.But after finding a new home Detroit and have an offseason physical and mental healthearly signs suggest Flaherty is ready to bounce back.

Fantasy managers make the mistake of overlooking the best spring of Flaherty’s career. In 18 1/3 innings, he posted a 2.95 ERA, 0.98 ERA, and 26 strikeouts.He’s only 28, has plenty of energy, and has had an offseason Retooling his on-court arsenal Compared to his former self, Flaherty will once again play a significant role in the mixed leagues.Hey, worst case scenario, pick him for his first two matchups white sox and A and go from there. —Dantitus

A veteran slugger with the word “rebound” written all over him

It was the worst possible time for Hoskins to enter free agency when he tore his ACL on an awkward footstep while catching a pop-up ball. Bryce Harper Was placed at first base and ended up staying forever.This puts Hoskins out of the running in Philadelphia, although the landing spot is Milwaukee Soft as a pillow.

Before Hoskins was injured, he had averaged 30 home runs per year in his previous four full seasons in a Philly hitter’s paradise. During that same span, he had an OPS of at least .819 in three seasons and a .794 OPS in his fourth. Now he’s off to another batter’s park in Milwaukee, which ranks ninth in home run rate for right-handed hitters — philliesCitizens Bank Park ranked seventh.

Hoskins’ lineup also needs some explosiveness from the first baseman. In recent spring training games, Hoskins batted in spots second through fourth in the batting order.

Expect Hoskins to re-establish himself as one of the most underrated power bats in the game, hitting balls in Milwaukee’s lineup and on the field. With another 30 home run season, Hoskins will become the 24th first baseman with an ADP of 191.6. — Jorge Martin

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