Boat Race 2024: Cambridge v Oxford – Live

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turn out, Cambridge University confirmed as winner!

No final decision has been made yet, But replays appeared to show Oxford had moved on.

Phelps and Gallett are still debating the issue. The referee seemed not to change his mind and said Oxford moved into Cambridge’s station to hit another boat.

We have a red flag

Joe Gallett, Oxford’s coxswain, raised his hand in appeal. Match referee Richard Phelps walked onto the dark blue boat to remind Gallett of the pre-match briefing about getting into position.

Cambridge’s seventh straight win in women’s rowing!

The Light Blues put in an incredible performance as they came back and thoroughly defeated their opponents.

There was joy and relief for the victorious Cambridge crew. Photography: Jonathan Brady/PA

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Oxford is now nearly 15 seconds behind. Everything about this game stems from that incident.


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Cambridge were now almost certain to win as they launched their attack on Barns Bridge.

It really cost Oxford, They were now well behind Cambridge, at least a full ship’s length. Oxford looked like they were trying to disqualify Cambridge, but it backfired. Oxford examiner Joe Gallett made a big mistake.

Big drama! The Cambridge came in front of the Oxford ship and almost collided as the dark blue ship moved behind them.


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This is high quality stuff, Cambridge are almost back on form and they are leading? The light blue team paddled this corner well and looked to be in the lead.

Cambridge continues to cover deficit as they passed under Hammersmith Bridge. Now only half the length.

There is a little overlap Two-thirds of the race remains between the two boats. Cambridge is not out of the woods yet, but there is still much to do.

A lovely day spent on the banks of the Thames. Photography: Jonathan Brady/PA

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Oxford University is the most popular Going into the game, we now know why. As we approach Hammersmith Bridge, this bend is about to become my favorite in Cambridge.

The team is about to pass Craven Cottage and Oxford looked like they had distanced themselves again, almost breaking through the clear water.

Cambridge has recovered After a big early push from Deep Blue, we’re doggedly sticking to the mission.

We walked!

Oxford University is doing well and has risen by nearly half

lots of international interest At this year’s rowing event – the New York Times, Fox News, ABC, CNN and many other international media outlets picked up on the event – but the reason may not be what you’re looking for.

River Action said tests showed E. coli levels that were 10 times higher than what the country’s environment agency considers “poor”, the lowest of the four categories in which bathing waters are rated.

at that time, The ship is about to leave the water. The game starts in 10 minutes.

Cambridge staff started drinking. Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images

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Women’s team

Oxford: Lucy Edmonds (Pembroke), Ella Stadler (Exeter), Tessa Henning (Balloliall), Claire Aitken (Oriel), Sarah Marshall (Jesus), Anne Sharp (St. Anthony), Julia Lindsay (Holy Cross), Anne Anezakis (Pembroke)

Cox: Joe Gallett (St. Peter’s College)

Cambridge: Gemma King (St John’s), Joanna Matthews (St John’s), Iris Powell (Churchill), Jenna Armstrong (Jesus), Karina Graf (Emmanuel), Ka Rhys Earle (Gonville and Caius), Claire Hall (St Catherine’s College), Megan Lee (Lucy Cavendish)

Cox: Hannah Murphy (Girton)

So today’s work sequence The 78th women’s match starts at 2.46pm, while the 169th men’s match starts an hour later at 3.46pm (both GMT).

Guardian photographer Tom Jenkins Cambridge University Rowing Club has been preparing for the 2024 competition over the past few months. His photo essay is well worth a look and gives an inside look at the hard work and dedication that goes into their games against Oxford.


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Will Thames Water’s failures be endless? The latest disaster for Britain’s privatized water industry is that the boat race – one of the most British of all time – will not feature the winner’s traditional post-race Cox dunk into the river. Alas, decades of neglect and sewage dumping by local water companies have led race organizers to issue strict new safety guidelines in response to dangerously high levels of E. coli in the Thames. At least rowers are smart enough to know better than to ignore them.

Welcome to the annual boat battle between Team Cambridge and Team Oxford, with an extra addition this year stool Excited.

Cambridge won both the women’s and men’s competitions last year, extending Oxford’s winless streak in the women’s competition dating back to 2016. So was the dominance of the Light Blues in the men’s competition, with Cambridge winning four of those games. in the last five men’s games. In the all-time standings, Cambridge leads the men’s series 86-81 with one tie recorded and leads the women’s series 47-30.

However, bookmakers have Oxford as favorites in both events this year. The Dark Blue men’s team, made up of British rowers Harry Glenister and Lenny Jenkins, have had positive results so far this year, although Cambridge have more experience on the Championship course.

The Oxford team relied on experience in the women’s competition, with six players having competed previously. Cambridge, on the other hand, has just two rowers — Jenna Armstrong and Karina Graf — on last year’s winning team.

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