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Meet blue layeris a new European startup that is building a software platform designed specifically for carbon project developers. BlueLayer specifically wants to help these companies manage their carbon credits at scale.

While the best way to prevent carbon emissions is to decarbonize supply chains, carbon credits will also play a role in the coming years as a complement to these decarbonization efforts.

“We believe that about 70 to 80 percent of today’s emissions can be reduced through direct actions within industrial and general commodity supply chains. But there are things we have to do that are not within the scope of the company’s supply chain.” Co-founder CEO and CEO Vivian Bertseka told me.

This is where carbon credits come in. This system of carbon offsets with carbon project developers is sometimes called Beyond Value Chain Mitigation.

The startup is focused exclusively on this space and recently raised a $5.6 million seed round, led by Point nineThe company has previously raised pre-seed funding from multiple angel investors and industry experts, bringing BlueLayer’s total funding to $10 million.

BlueLayer serves as the software backend for carbon project developers. It can help these companies with carbon credits as it acts as a single source of truth for inventory and management orders, with the ability to generate reports, leverage data visualization tools and ultimately make decisions. May maximize revenue.

BlueLayer’s goal is to focus on project developers. They can work on various projects such as reforestation, forest conservation, peatland restoration and more. The startup also opted for a traditional SaaS revenue model rather than charging commissions on carbon credit sales.

“We’re not a broker, we’re not an intermediary. So we don’t charge big commissions on sales, and that’s because we need to be aligned with one side of the ecosystem, which is the developers,” said co-founder and CEO Alexander A. Giros told me.

Currently, they need better tools to manage existing projects and integrate with other stakeholders. BlueLayer can also connect with legacy ERP systems, distribution pipelines and rating agencies. In the future, they may have other needs in terms of provisioning. Future projects are financed through forward contracts and pre-allocated carbon credits.

You might think the number of potential customers is limited, but BlueLayer has already held talks with more than 200 carbon project developers.

Headquartered in Berlin, with teams in London and Athens, BlueLayer was co-founded by Alexander Argyros, a former co-founder of the PE investment platform monthly feeVivian Bertseka, a former investor environment consultant at Generation Investment Management, is also just climateand Gerardo Bonilla, former product director at Moonfare.

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