Beyoncé fans say Cowboy Carter vinyl and CD are missing songs

fans beyonce She complained after the vinyl and CD versions of her album Cowboy Carter were apparently missing tracks from the digital version.

Beyoncé’s eighth studio album — the second in a planned trilogy that begins with her 2022 record “Renaissance” — was released on Friday, with pre-orders for the physical version starting to arrive that day.

Over the weekend, buyers began reporting that five tracks from the digital version of the country album were missing from the vinyl: “Flamenco,” “Oh Louisiana,” “The Linda Martell Show,” “Spaghetti” and The standout song “Girls” was described by The Guardian as “dreamy early psychedelic music”. Stomping feet influenced by souls”.

The same tracks are reportedly missing from the CD, with the exception of flamenco. It is unclear whether this is true for all suppression.

“It’s such a shame because Yaya is probably one of my top five favorite songs right now… I’m so angry,” said A TikTok user.

“Several songs from the album don’t appear to be included on the LP. What’s going on?!”, wrote Another fan on Reddit.

An announcement on Beyoncé’s official online store Instagram on Sunday was flooded with frustrated commenters calling on her to address the mess. Many are calling for discounts or refunds on $40 vinyl records.

According to Variety , fans who complained directly to the album’s retailer received an automated response saying their concerns would be answered within three to four days due to “a higher than usual volume of emails.”

Many speculate that Beyoncé will continue to modify and add to the song in later stages, and that the vinyl version will require a long preparation time of “10 weeks to 6 months.” According to the British Broadcasting Corporation – Contains early versions of the album.

This theory is reinforced by the spines of the vinyl and CD copies, which read “Act 2 – Beyincé – Beyoncé.” Some believe Cowboy Carter’s original title was Beyincé, a reference to the musician’s ancestral surname, which was incorrectly spelled Beyoncé at the time of her mother’s birth due to a clinical error.

Beyoncé has previously made changes to the album’s arrangement after its release. In “Renaissance,” she deleted a reference to Kelis’ song “Milkshake” and deleted a defamatory lyric after the two songs sparked controversy.

Guardian Australia has contacted Sony Music for comment.

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