Best Buy Geek Squad employees report massive layoffs

Former employees of Best Buy’s in-house technical support and repair team, the Geek Squad, say there have been massive layoffs this week. 404 media ReportA former Geek Squad agent told the outlet they received an email on Tuesday regarding “company changes” regarding the next day’s work-from-home activities.

“Our leadership called us individually and said we were being laid off for the simple reason that the company was more or less unable to pay our salaries. It was very hasty notice and it was devastating,” said a former journalist The customer service staff told us. 404 media.

ends in r/geeksquadthe recently fired Geek Squad agent posted photo of their badge In an effort to show solidarity, they called themselves part of the Geek Squad’s “sleep group,” writing that they were “sleeping” along with their location and badge number.

edge The company has been contacted for more details about the layoffs and we will update if we hear back.

During the company’s last earnings call in February, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry said the layoffs were expected this year as a way to “realign the company’s resources to ensure we have additional capabilities dedicated to artificial intelligence and our strategy.” “Essential assets in areas such as elements”. “We have made adjustments to parts of our business and expect volumes to be lower than we expected a few years ago. This could be the result of lower industry sales or decisions we have made such as improving paid membership benefits.”

As for why, Barry cited multiple “macro factors” affecting consumer electronics spending, including lower sales due to demand for alcohol during the pandemic, and “to be honest, there hasn’t been any large-scale innovation to meet consumer demand.” . Will prompt you to buy a new laptop. “

Barry specifically called on the Geek Squad to carry out repair work, explain“Our FY25 plan is focused on further improving efficiencies in our forward and reverse supply chains, Geek Squad repair operations and customer service experience. We will continue to rely heavily on analytics and technology to achieve these efficiencies. This includes leveraging Artificial intelligence is “safe and effective.” Another area she focuses on is health, mentioning best buy health As a “We are leveraging our expertise and our Geek Squad agents to leverage the growing field of technology to help deliver home healthcare.”

This “right-sizing” also includes physical space in stores, she confirmed Best Buy “Physical media will be deleted and updating our mobile digital imaging, computing, tablet and smart home segments. “

Over the years, many former and current Geek Squad employees on Reddit have pointed out high turnover rate The job is associated with relatively low pay and little prospects for advancement.Based on 231 salaries, Glassdoor estimates salary range Geek Squad agents $16 to $21 per hour. That estimate appears to be accurate, based on job openings listed on Best Buy’s website.For example, there is currently an active listing for “Geek Squad City Director” Brooks (Kentucky), hourly wage range is $20-$30.A store in is recruiting junior Geek Squad agents Encinitas, Californiahourly wage range is $15-$19.

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