Bench empty as Jeff McNeil counters Rhys Hoskins’ hard slider during Mets-Brewers game

Rhys Hoskins Currently working for milwaukee brewers After six seasons Philadelphia PhilliesBut he clearly hasn’t given up on competing in the NFC East just yet new york mets However.

Hoskins angers New York infielder in eighth inning of Brewers’ 2024 season opener against Mets Jeff McNeil A hard slide to second base broke up an attempted double.McNeil already has tough game, catching low pitch from third baseman Brett Battybut Hoskins got through the bag first to stop the throw to first base.

McNeil immediately took offense to the slide and confronted Hoskins before second base umpire Jonathan Parra stepped between them. As Hoskins jogged away, McNeil continued to yell at him, forcing players in the dugout and bullpen onto the field.

The players remained on the field, with McNeil and Hoskins continuing to yell and point at each other. McNeil was emotional and ready for a fight, and Hoskins responded with a crying gesture in the dugout.

Judging from this play, McNeil may have been upset about Hoskins’ left leg slipping in the dirt, but Hoskins did not rush off the line and collide with McNeil, despite McNeil’s objections. But it looked like a clean slide.

The Mets requested a review, finding Hoskins illegally slid into McNeil, but the umpires did not overturn the call. Michael Tonkin A strikeout of the next batter, Bryce Turang, ended the inning. The Brewers eventually won the game 3-1.

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