Barcelona vs Bryan: Women’s Champions League quarter-final second leg – live

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62 minutes: The way Brann’s domestic season has worked means we already know the club finished fourth, meaning they won’t be able to compete in the Champions League next season. Hopefully they can advance in the new season as their games are exciting. Stenevik received a yellow card.

60 minutes: Bryan is still pressing here, Gopset pops the ball in, but Barca are clear. The problem is that Bryan was really good in those two legs, but Barcelona were so good and they found a way to win.

58 minutes: Graham Hansen shoots, Sternevike blocks it, but the ball rolls towards goal, Mikaelson saves but can’t control it, Rolfo scores. Brian needed a miracle now.

Goal! Barcelona 2-0 Bryan (Rolfo, 57′ – Total score 4-1)

It was a good save But Rolfo eventually converted.

56 minutes: After coming under pressure from Bryan early in the second half, the game was now back to how it had been in the first half, with Barcelona in possession and having plenty of chances.

54 minutes: Bomati was cleverly intercepted by Kwame in the penalty area, but the ball fell to Graham Hansen and her shot went wide of the target.

52 minutes: Rolfo passed the ball back to Cole, but it was not strong enough and Crummer almost pounced on it, but the goalkeeper did enough.

50 minutes: Bryan continues to press and the ball comes in but Cole passes it out and it’s a very bright start to the half for the visitors.

48 minutes: Barcelona have scored 151 goals in all competitions this season (!). That just goes to show how good Bryan has been defensively over these two legs so far.

Mariona Cardenti attacks for Barcelona. Photo: Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images

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47 minutes: Haugland committed an early turnover as her pass went straight out. Brann did have the first chance of the half, but despite Eikeland being in the box, her chance was blocked.

The game begins again! Barcelona 1-0 Bryan (total score 3-1)

So can Barcelona close this game? Or will Bryan cause an upset? 45 minutes, possibly overtime and a penalty shootout. Bryan was out first, and Barcelona made their opponents wait. Bryan also made a change, with Engelswijk replacing Ekland.

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This is a stunning goal from Barcelona, Neutrals may want Bryan to win, but there’s no denying Barca’s talent:

Halftime is over! Barcelona 1-0 Bryan (total score 3-1)

Defending champion Barcelona performs well With Bomati’s goal, the team firmly controlled the game. Bryan played well and is expected to launch a counterattack in the second half.

45+1 minutes: Caldent is in the box, but Stenevik does a good job of keeping her at bay. Caldent wanted a penalty but VAR refused.

45+1 minutes: One minute will be added.

44 minutes: Rolfo passes Putellas to Caldentey for a goal kick. Barcelona moved closer to second place in the second leg and just thought they could still call on Paralluelo from the bench. Graham Hansen plays a lovely pass to Bronze who feeds the ball back to the Norway international, who runs directly into Mikaelson – the keeper can continue here, But Bryan fans weren’t happy. As a reminder, VAR operates here, so anything that doesn’t go well will be dealt with.

42 minutes: It’s one thing to keep a draw, it’s another thing to win the game. Bryan needs to be the next one to score here, if not you feel like a draw will be out of reach for them. It was so tricky, Bryan was playing so well, they just couldn’t break through the Barça defence.

40 minutes: You know when people ask you who you want to be told about your life? I hope the Bryan fans support me in my life, these die-hard fans are creating the atmosphere so far.

38 minutes: Ngen went down injured and the Bryan fans booed when play was stopped, but just as the visitors began to create chances. Engen was quickly back on his feet and able to continue the match. Barca win the ball and Graham Hansen scores the winner. The shot was saved by Mikaleson – with Bryan fans jumping to their feet and chanting after the save.

Caroline Graham-Hansen broke through Bryan’s defense and scored on goal. Photo: Joan Monfort/AP

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36 minutes: Kramer pressures Cole, who is forced to run it out and ends up handling it well.

“Bonmati’s great finish set up Barcelona’s goal, but Putras’s chest pass on the turn was brilliant,” Gordon said by email.

I couldn’t agree more, the sheer caliber of both Ballon d’Or winners.

34 minutes: Graham Hansen was brought down by Haugeland on the edge of the area and Barcelona were in a good position to take the free-kick. Putras was on top of the ball but her shot went over the crossbar and she was jeered by the Bryan fans.

32 minutes: Barcelona continue to push here and they are not content with a two-goal cushion.

30 minutes: Kierande pushed Putras and the Barcelona captain did not give up the ball. Bryan stepped forward through Kwame but Rolfo won the ball back.

28 minutes: This goal meant Bryan needed to score two goals to send the game into overtime. Their Mount Moore just turned into a big mountain, but Bryan fans are making their voices heard.

27 minutes: No, they can’t. The pass was poor and the ball was knocked back into the area but Kierland’s shot went over the crossbar.

25 minutes: Bonmati turns around to catch the ball, controls the ball with two feet and shoots, pure football skills. Bryan now wins the corner, can they fight back immediately?

Goal! Barcelona 1-0 Bryan (Bomati, 24′ – Total score 3-1)

I am speechless

Aitana Bonmati gave Barcelona the lead with a fine performance. Photo: Albert Gea/Reuters

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24 minutes: Graham Hansen got the ball in the area and she had acres of space, but she took too many touches twice and was squeezed out. Another chance came, this time from Bronze, but it was cleared.

22 minutes: Gopsett passes the ball from Kierland but the shot is weak and Cole collects the ball. Bryan really needs to take advantage of the opportunities they get because they are far away and few and far between.

20 minutes: Barcelona continued to put pressure on Bryan, but the defense remained strong. The question was whether they could maintain their form throughout the game while also creating their own attacking opportunities.

18 minutes: Putras crosses the ball and the ball is cleared but reaches Bonmati who shoots wide for another corner. It was a good pass and Paredes headed it in but it was initially cleared. Barcelona attacked again and the ball hit Paredes’ header and Mikaelson was saved. Be an absolute hero again! Another corner kick, well defended this time.

16 minutes:Oh my word, Barcelona is great, isn’t it? They worked their way into the penalty area deftly but this time the shot went just over Caldent’s crossbar – and the opener of the second leg felt imminent.

14 minutes: Mikaelson made a huge save, and she stepped up again after the goalkeeper made numerous saves in the first period. Graham Hansen makes a good run but Mikaelson hands the ball away for a corner. The ball came in but the goalkeeper collected it.

12 minutes: Gopsett does a good job of getting around two defenders, but she ends up being forced to steal the ball. Possession was exchanged, but the referee stopped play and gave Barca a free kick, which they soon kicked off and waited patiently for a shot, with Graham Hansen taking the penalty, but Mikaelson caught it .

10 minutes: Paredes made the shot this time, but it just went over Brutz’s head and all the early pressure came from the home team.

9 minutes: Graham Hansen’s foot bursts as she dances into the box but her cross misses her teammate. Oh my gosh! Graham Hansen hit a nice ball to beat Mikaelson but also evaded another Barcelona player and the chance was gone.

8 minutes: Brian counterattacks, Kwami passes the ball in, Gopset heads the ball, and her shot goes just wide. From the first round, we knew all Bryan needed was one chance and everything would change.

6 minutes: Brutz won another corner, this time Graham Hansen took it, and Kwame headed in – you guessed it – another corner. Graham Hansen won the ball again and they cut it short, with Bonmarty eventually sending the ball into the box. Bryan defended well.

5 minutes: Putras put the ball in and Brian made a good clearance. The atmosphere in Barcelona was great with traveling Bryan backing up to boo Graham Hansen every time she got the ball.

Alexia Putellas is knocked down by Signe Gaupset. Photo: Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images

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4 minutes: The initial pass looked good and seemed to go all the way, but it went over the crossbar. Bryan looked to serve from the back but they immediately conceded another corner kick.

3 minutes:Walsh found Graham Hansen for a lovely ball. She fired the ball into the penalty area and tried to find Brutz, but the ball was deflected out for a corner kick. Putras took a corner kick and she chose the penalty area corner and the ball went to Brutz but she tried to go into another corner.

2 minutes: Both teams have found their feet and I expected a tight game tonight, but I bet Barcelona proved me wrong now that I’ve said that.

kick off! Barcelona 0-0 Bryan (total score 2-1)

Then let’s get started! Can Brian cause huge trouble? Or can defending champion Barcelona advance smoothly? Everything is expected.

Does anyone else absolutely love the Champions League anthem? I turn it on every time the TV comes on. The game is about to start.

Almost all Barcelona players are absent The weather is looking very good, perfect for a good football match.

I’d love to hear from you. Yesterday we were talking about my biggest failure after bruising my tailbone at a roller disco, so I thought it was only fair to talk about the biggest accomplishment today. Please tell me about your accomplishments at X (@rendellx) or email.

Last Week’s Goal Scorer and Captain Bryan Cecily Kvami added: “Now it’s a game we’re really looking forward to, especially because of the result we got last week, which means the draw remains. We go in with the goal of winning. You always do that when you play.

Photo: David Lidstrom/UEFA/Getty Images

Bryan boss Martin Ho says: “We have a good chance to improve because we felt in the first game we had a chance and we could do better with the ball. We have to make sure when we get the chance we stick with it.”

Barcelona head coach Jonatan Girardes said: “We have scored a lot of goals and if we have a chance to get a similar result we will be happy to get through it. Brian was brave and aggressive defensively. It will be similar to the first leg.

“The key for me is consistency. There are very few teams in the world that are so consistent.”

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Chelsea play second leg of quarter-final tie Last night against Ajax. That game ended 1-1, but Emma Hayes’ side took the lead as Chelsea won 3-0 in the first leg:

Team news is coming. Barcelona left Salma Parralulo on the bench, who scored the winning goal in the first leg.


Bryan, on the other hand, did have star Signe Gopset, although she exited the first leg earlier than expected.



Hello everyone and welcome back to the Women’s Champions League. Tonight we will find out who will face Chelsea in the semi-finals as the winner of this quarter-final tie has already been drawn to the Blues.

Bryan played very well in the first leg and they conceded an early goal after Caroline Graham Hans scored, but they equalized through Cecily Kwame. Norway, reaching the quarter-finals for the first time, defended very well and Salma Paralullo needed some finesse to get the result as the defending champions triumphed.

Barcelona only have a slim lead of 2-1, but it will be a difficult task for Bryan to defeat the Spanish team at home. They need to win the game 1-0 in at least 90 minutes to send the game to overtime.

Team news will be released soon, so stay tuned ahead of kick-off at 5.45pm GMT.

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