Bangladesh vs Australia: Third Women’s One-Day International – Live

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Game 14: Australia 61-2 (Mooney 1, Perry 15) Things continue for Perry with another great chip shot through deep cover for four. She followed with a quick single to load Mooney. Although the run rate was ticking at a very good pace, Australia will be disappointed to lose both Mooney hitting the target and Perry finding more space through his chip shot to finish the over.

Game 13: Australia 54-2 (Mooney 0, Perry 9) Healy has slowed down since Perry arrived at the crease, happy to let her teammates attack and work their way into the game. Labea finds good length here, forcing Healy into defensive mode. This was a good strategy as soon Rabea got her LBW and Mooney came to the crease. A wicket maiden in Rabea.

wicket! Healy lbw Rabeya 33 (Australia 54-2)

Healy was playing a defensive game which was always a bit of a red flag for her and Labea hit her line and length to catch Healy LBW and she had to go.

Game 12: Australia 54-1 (Healy 33, Perry 9) Perry started it all with a beautiful chip shot, and there was no stopping it from sailing toward the four-point line. There was almost a huge mayhem when Perry ran past a routine single, but Healy was watching the ball and hadn’t even started the run and Perry had to rush back! Fortunately, she is safe.

Inning 11: Australia 50-1 (Healy 33, Perry 5) Rabea continued and Healy hit a leadoff hit, but it was just a single. Perry is waiting patiently for his opportunity. The current Australian squad between Perry and Healy has a lot of experience at the crease. They will want to finish this game without losing another wicket.

Game 10: Australia 48-1 (Healy 32, Perry 4) Healy finally fought back and was nearly out on the second ball as the ball appeared to graze the edge of her bat and suddenly jumped to Jyoti, who was unable to hold on to it. She knocked the ball safely to the ground. A single brought the strike back to Perry. Perry had a bit of a bottom edge, but it avoided slipping and ran to third where she picked up two more. On the last ball, the LBW was of little interest, but nothing got people too interested in it.

Round 9: Australia 45-1 (Healy 31, Perry 2) Litchfield showed off her hockey background by finding her first boundary with her signature reverse sweep. But the next ball she became complacent and had to leave, which unfortunately for Bangladesh took Perry to the crease. She took a few balls to look at the bowling and ended it with a nice knock, hungry for two.

Ticket gate! Lichfield C&B Sultana 12 (Australia 43-1)

Just as Litchfield was about to set off, she threw away her wicket and paddled straight back to the bowler for a simple catch. She will be disappointed with the effort.

Round 8: Australia 39-0 (Healy 31, Litchfield 8) Australia are already well over a third of the target – a task Healy clearly wants to complete as quickly as possible. Litchfield opened the match with two points – her first since the third round. Labea was playing her first over of the day and her lines seemed to bother Litchfield less than the previous bowlers. She found enough space for her back-foot shots and finally started penetrating the court.

Round 7: Australia 34-0 (Healy 31, Litchfield 3) Healy didn’t face the same difficulties as Litchfield – she started the match by smashing two fours – both of which were pulled to deep square leg. She catches the ball to catch her breath and then works harder to hit a six, pushing hard at long-on. She’s in a certain mood today!

Round 6: Australia 20-0 (Healy 17, Lichfield 3) Healy got Lichfield back on target early in the game but the youngster struggled to find runs here. Let’s see if she can find her way into the competition.

Round 5: Australia 19-0 (Healy 16, Litchfield 3) Healy started with a huge six that hit the ground directly and then over the head of bowler Sultana. She then hit a quick single to keep the ball spinning, but Litchfield hasn’t found scoring that easy so far. She executed a huge reverse sweep and nearly got caught – a solid start that started to look more shaky as the match wore on. She hit some more traditional shots but couldn’t find an opening on the court.


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Round 4: Australia 12-0 (Healy 9, Lichfield 3) Nahida continued her spell and on the second ball Healy got on her back foot and chipped the ball beautifully, found the gap and raced it through cover to the boundary for four. Then she delivered the ball with a quick single. Litchfield fired back. Nahida was looking for a better left-hand line and Litchfield couldn’t find any runs to finish the possession. It looked like the last ball of the over had the advantage, but Jyoti couldn’t catch the ball or make a clean catch for the run. Litchfield survived.


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Third game: Australia 7-0 (Healy 4, Litchfield 3) Sultana continued the game, rounding the wickets to Lichfield who looked more consistent than in the previous two games – she wasn’t forcing her way through anything, she was looking for opportunities and hitting them beautifully when she got them Two points. But just finish the race.


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Round 2: Australia 5-0 (Healy 4, Lichfield 1) Now, Litchfield got her first chance of the day as she deftly hit the ball to short mid-wicket and charged in for a single, immediately attacking Nasheeda. Healy looked more like herself, hitting a sweeping four from her first ball as she went back into defensive mode and held off the remainder of the over.


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Round 1: Australia 0-0 (Healy 0, Litchfield 0) The chase is on! Healy and Lichfield strode to mid-on and Sultana Hatton got the new ball for Bangladesh. LBW appealed to Healy on the first ball of the over but the umpire was not interested. It’s been a solid start from Healy, who is now content to defend, which is unusual for her. There was another LBW appeal after the finish, but no luck that time either. Sultana begins as a virgin.

Phoebe Litchfield is one player I will be watching very closely in this chase. The 20-year-old has only scored five points on this tour so far and is keen to do well here. Her ODI average is 42.66 but she has not contributed anything to that average of late. Litchfield has no chance today to break her high score of 119, but if she plays well she can hit around her average. Not out is also a target for her to prove that she can thrive in Bangladesh conditions ahead of the World Cup in September.

Phoebe Litchfield was hit during the first match of the women’s ODI series between Bangladesh and Australia. Photo: Abhishek Chinnappa/Getty Images

Megan Morris

Thanks Joe! A very impressive OBO debut – especially those wickets that kept falling. It will be interesting to see how Australia handles this chase. They gave up wickets at the top of the innings, so will they try to take a slower, steady approach to ensuring the opener settles down? Or will they look to play aggressively and chase the total as quickly as possible? The answer may lie somewhere in the middle – with the World Cup in Bangladesh looming, they may want to try out some match scenarios, which could be a good opportunity to test their reaction to a minor chase.



Well, I have to admit, this has been a bit of a whirlwind for my first cricket blog! Australia’s dominance = wickets falling fast = Joe typing like crazy. Bangladesh could never get going and although we saw some nice shots at the end, there was no more. The question now is how many rounds it will take for Australia to catch up…

I’ll let Megan Maurice help you find out. Thanks.


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Bangladesh goes all out 89

Just as Sultana and Marufa made their move, it was all over. Australia had no problem getting wickets but did give away 20 extras in that innings which was not ideal.

Ticket gate!sultana c harris b gardner

I talked about it very quickly, sorry Bangladesh. Sultana hits Harris straight off cover and that’s it.

Game 26: Bangladesh 88-9 (Sudan 10, Marufa 14)

Molineux’s game had 10 points. Malufa missed the first one in the long direction and they were able to run three. A lovely drive from Sultana found the gap at deep cover and secured four runs. Sultana put in a great two rounds to close out the match, these two are looking good!

Game 25: Bangladesh 78-9 (Sudan 4, Marufa 11) Marufa had a blast! She knocks Gardner down, punches him four times, then sweeps towards square leg. How to complete the border again? This time Sultana dropped his knee and hit it back over the bowler’s head again.

Game 24: Bangladesh 69-9 (Sudan 0, Marufa 6) After a possible trip, Malufa thumped the ball to mid-on and it fell safely, giving them two runs. Harris’ mistake on the last ball allowed Bangladesh to score three more runs. Relatively expensive in the context of this game.

Game 23: Bangladesh 64-9 (Sudan 0, Marufa 1) Shhorna grabbed a catch after a direct hit but fell just short of Alana King. But she caught the next ball anyway and Bangladesh’s misery continued. Marufa got a single to end the game.

wicket!Shona C Litchfield B Gardner

It’s not entirely clear if it actually hit the bat, but Shona was dismissed after her edge popped to short leg of Litchfield.

Round 22: Bangladesh 60-8 (Shorna 6, Sultana 0) Molineux bowled another solid bowl, scoring just one run and picking up a wicket.

Ticket gate! Nahida st Healy b Molineux

The Bengal vice-captain came to the crease next and trotted past the wicket only to miss. Healy tripped over easily.

Round 21: Bangladesh 59-7 (Rabeya 0, Shona 6) I’m writing this and the two young Bangladeshi players in the middle were doing better…but then Rabeya hit the only boundary and went away, Shorna almost followed .

wicket! Rabeya lbw b Gardner

Rabeya went to sweep the ball but missed and the ball hit the pads. Gardner added to his tally as the leading wicket-taker.


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Game 20: Bangladesh 54-6 (Rabeya 0, Shona 6) Another good ball from Molineux, Rabea defends cautiously. Bangladesh cannot decide now whether to be cautious or not.

Game 19: Bangladesh 54-6 (Rabeya 0, Shona 6) Gardner started with a wide ball and then six points. Shihona took a tentative step on the wicket but could not find any opening at close range.

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