‘Bachelor’ snubs Matt James’ mom Patty again on ‘Women Tell All’ episode

James’ mother, ex’s mother Bachelor Starring Matt James, returns to the screen Golden BachelorThe “Women Tell All” special premieres Thursday night. But just like her time on the senior-centric reality show, we barely see her!

When Jesse Palmer had 13 knockouts Golden Bachelor The contestants take to the stage and are introduced to the studio audience and viewers at home, with Patti’s introduction feeling promising at first. I thought maybe we’d finally hear the voices of bachelor moms. Maybe she’ll share a little about her first and only night at the Bachelor Mansion. Hey, some Matt and Rachel updates might be coming soon, I told myself. but no!

Instead, Jesse introduces Patty, who smiles for the camera, and even though she’s on a stool with 12 other women from Gerry’s season throughout the 55-minute episode, we never hear her message. Being snubbed by Bachelor producers again! Just like the first time, I was surprised!

It’s worth noting that unlike the live franchise finale, Golden Bachelor The “Women Tell All” episode was pre-recorded and edited, so Mama James may have been more talkative during the live event and her comments didn’t make it into the final cut. But the contestants also shared a “Women Tell All” Instagram post ahead of the episode titled, “(Don’t blink 😉) Also, don’t play the drinking game where you shoot me every time you see me or you won’t have it tonight A little fun🤣😂🥂🥂” So it seems like she’s also aware that she has almost non-existent screen time.

as Decision makers take notice after Patty is eliminated earlywhen ABC reveals she is one of 22 lucky female actors exist Golden BachelorSeason 1, Bachelor Nation rejoices!The 70-year-old single mom and retired real estate professional from Durham, North Carolina, appeared on the first season of Her Son bachelor Comforting him, chatting about their families, and offering advice, fans are excited to see her again and think she’ll have a big role in the premiere and maybe even the entire season! Instead, her limo exit and one-on-one time with Gerry, who she was sent home on the first night, was barely there (which felt very strange while watching, but totally makes sense in hindsight) One of six women.

After her surprise elimination, James posted a photo of herself at the premiere of Brian Withycombe’s Smooth Like Silk with the caption: “This wasn’t meant to be… God Have plans for me (and you ❤️) ✨💫.”

This post was immediately followed by an Instagram Story makeup tutorial, so it seems Patty is completely done with Ger Ber.but we still want to hear something Giving her a unique connection to the series. Come on, producers!

new episode Golden Bachelor It airs every Thursday at 8:00 pm on ABC and the next day on Hulu.

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