“Bachelor Maria Georgas has an IMDb page and her only film credit is iconic

Another day, another fascinating day Bachelor Season 28 revealed.

Our latest knowledge?Maria Georgas, a girl played by Joey Graziadei, appeared in the 2005 action comedy nipple With Vin Diesel as a kid. Yes, really! She is a star!

You may remember the 29-year-old administrative assistant from Kleinburg, Ont., who let Joey know about this She disapproves of his favorite movie, remember the titans, the first night. After the premiere, George Garth posted an apology on Instagram Stories, explaining, “I had no idea Denzel Washington was in it and I love Denzel Washington… When I found out he was in the movie I automatically Knowing “This movie is going to be great. I’ve watched it and it’s great. I’m really sorry about that, guys. “

While she may not have followed the 2000s movie, she’s definitely familiar with the 2005 film nipple.How do we know? Um, According to IMDbGeorge George played “Firefly #1” in the movie. There are several stills of a young George George on the page, including the one below.If you look closely, you might even recognize the second firefly on the right as bachelor Season 28 Contestants. Wow!

Stills from

For those who don’t know, nipple Directed by Adam Shankman, it follows SEAL Lieutenant Sean Wolfe (Diesel) as he embarks on a very important mission to protect a house of five children. In addition to Diesel, the film also stars Brittany Snow, Max Thieriot, Brad Garrett, Lauren Graham (Lauren Graham) Therefore, Gorgas’ role in the film, no matter how small, is quite flexible.

In fact, it’s crazy to me that George chose to share the following three fun facts instead of taking the opportunity to brag about her pacifier Past:

  • Maria loves taking beautiful photos with a disposable camera.
  • Maria dreams of eating sushi in Japan.
  • Maria is addicted to horror movies.

How did she get this role? Why doesn’t she act anymore? What was it like for Vin Diesel on set? We have a lot of questions!

As we wait to see how far George Gase can go in Grazia Dei’s season bachelor (Or if she chooses to share her acting credit with him) Why not join the Bachelor pre-game on Monday and support Mariah with her awesome performance nipple, Now streaming on Disney+.

new episodes bachelor It airs Mondays from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm ET on ABC and the following day on Hulu.Please be sure to read Our interview with Joey Graziardi For more excitement Bachelor opinion.

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