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‘Bachelor’ ends on emotional cliffhanger after multiple ‘I love you’ moments during hometown date

This is one of the most touching plots Golden Bachelor This season, lead actor Gerry Turner visits three different hometowns, says “I love you” to two women, and then leaves everyone in suspense at the rose ceremony.

Only Faith, Leslie and Theresa are left, Gerry’s hometown date trip Taking him from one side of the country to the other and stopping in between where he met children, grandchildren, friends and more.Along the way he felt and Expressing a strong connection with these three women.

Here’s a look at how this week’s episode holds up in prime condition.

golden hometown

Gerry’s first stop was in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, to meet Teresa’s older and younger sisters as well as her daughter and family, including three sons. It was the boys – Teresa’s grandson – who revealed she loved to make “duck lips” while filming. Gerry considered the selfie “precious”.

The couple also headed to Seaside Heights, New Jersey, for a quick ride on the Ferris wheel, admiring the scenery and kissing. She told him she was in love with him and he said it made him feel “very special.”

“For the first time since 1968, I knew I was in love again. This was the love I was looking for,” Gerry said in a confessional near the end of Hometown. “I was in love with Theresa. She can be the one who completes me, and I can be the one who completes her.

Next up was a visit to Benton, Washington, to meet Faith’s horse, Liberty, for a ride and a kiss. He went on to meet Faith’s sister, son and grandson at a party, where the couple shared a sweet “I love you moment” that they both said out loud to each other.

“I had to say these words, I couldn’t not say them,” Gerry said in a confessional summary. “The feeling of love: It’s very confusing to me. I don’t know how to reconcile expressing feelings. I have faith now.” , how I feel about Theresa. I don’t know what I would do, but I love her.”

Finally, Gerry met Leslie in Minneapolis, where she met her three children and her “caring” eldest brother. After endearingly admitting to Leslie’s grandchildren that he loved her, Gerry convinced his brother to propose to Gerry and gave Gerry his blessing. Gerry later shared “I love you” with Leslie as well.

“I came here hoping to find love, and I’ve found it. But I didn’t expect to find love with more than one person. Those are hard words to say,” Gerry said in a confessional. “I just realized that I don’t know how to reconcile the strong feelings I have for these three women, and I’m confused. I’m scared.”

golden suspense

rose ceremony Leslie got the first rose, but when the last rose was handed out, Gerry paused, then put the rose down, cursed, and walked out of the room huffing.

“I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’m looking at two women, either of whom could be my partner for the rest of my life. Having to send someone home is excruciating. I’m dying inside right here moment,” Gerry said before the episode ended.

gold reaction

part of the audience not emotionally prepared for a suspenseful ending and posted it on social media their thoughts On this matter.

golden future

Considering Thursday’s mysterious and emotional finale, it looks like next week’s episode will include an emotional finale with a rose ceremony. Next up will be a women’s reveal special, in which Gerry will sit down with the guy he turned down at the rose ceremony earlier in the evening.

Golden Bachelor Airs Thursdays at 8pm on ABC.

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